The Poetry of Inayat Ali Khan

Posted on April 10, 2008
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Shahran Asim

This post also contains two audio files of Inayat’s poems.

The reason I started wrote this post is because I saw a repost on Anwar Masood and I thought that we should also start introducing some more humor for ATP readers. I think these post serves a breath of fresh air in the current situation where we hear about violence everywhere.

Professor Inayat Ali Khan is one of my favorite poets and I think since ATP has started doing some humorous poetry (here, here and here), I thought that I should also continue to contribute in this area.

We have sad many sad events in the last year or so and some of these humorous blog posts serve as Oasis for the entertainment starved readers.

He was born in the State of Tonk in Rajisthan, India in 1935. He belonged to a family of poets where his father and mother also used to do humorous poetry.

He migrated to Pakistan in 1948. A professor by profession, earned his Matriculation degree in 1955 from Govt. High School Hyderabad, B.A. from City Arts College Hyderabad in 1959, B.Ed. from Sindh University, Jamshoro in 1960 and finally M.A. in Urdu also from Sindh University in 1962.

He has been an outspoken contributor the urdu dailies such as Jasarat and Ummat. The main subject of this poetry remains politics, current affairs and several social issues faced by the Pakistani society.

Let us listen to some Audio Files of Inayat Ali Khan’s poetry. Second audio file named ‘almiyay or tarbiyay’ is probably from the late 1980s.

(1) mazaaq hi mazaaq meiN


(2) almiyay aur tarbiyay


And now to end this post here is one more of his poem in Urdu script.


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    makhadi halwa recipe in urdu/english

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    Agarcheh poora Musalmaan to nahee

  3. KP Admin says:

    I have actually heard this in a mushaira long ago on PTV as well. I wonder if some of these guys are still alive. Good job ATP.

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