Dr. Nausha Asrar’s dil tara-ram-tara-ram-tara-ra

Posted on July 3, 2008
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Owais Mughal

ATP’s regular contributor Mast Qalandar introduced us to this poetry clip. The poem is recited by the poet Dr. Nausha Asrar himself. The sub-title on the video suggests this poem was recited in Aligarh alumni’s aalmi mushaira 2007. Dr Nausha has a unique style of reciting poetry. The way he controls lowering and raising of his recitation tone makes his poetry all the more effective. Enjoy.

We have always tried to keep poetry in the mix of posts at ATP. Some other Urdu poets that have featured at our pages include Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Dilawar Figar, Inayat Ali Khan, Anwar Masood, Habib Jalib, Munir Niazi, Ahmed Faraz, Khalid Irfan, Parveen Shakir and Mirza Ghalib

7 responses to “Dr. Nausha Asrar’s dil tara-ram-tara-ram-tara-ra

  1. Watan Aziz says:

    Probably the best discovery at ATP!

  2. fiza says:

    Bahut khoob…! He has the talent to hold the nerve of the audience :)
    Witnessed his poetry live @ ICC, Mil pitas California.

    Daad hee daad kabool farmayein


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