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Posted on February 1, 2009
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Babar Bhatti

I found this hilarious message at Karachi Metroblog. The spelling mistakes are included for free for your entertainment.

By the way, don’t forget to send the NIC with your phone if you want the millions promised below.

LOL – this guy sends spam via sms and asks you to mail all the info!

The sad part is that too much of such SMS fraud is now happening in Pakistan. I guess this is what we can call ‘Scam Spam.’ Do you have any stories of your favorite SMS Scams?

Read more on Tasty Gold Supari, here.

Babar Bhatti blogs at telecompk, where this was originally published.

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11 responses to “SMS Scam Spam Supari”

  1. ASAD says:

    More than funny it is scary. I keep hearing stories of all types of SMS fraud. Like getting a message saying you have won extra minutes and asked to click some numbers. Instead of you getting extra minutes, someone else gets your minutes!

  2. Aamer Javed says:

    Asad, last time I was there I was almost a victim of that fraud.
    I received a txt on my telenor line saying, I won this Telenor contest and dial this number to win 500 rupees credit in my account..

    I was skeptical of that but I dialed nonetheless.
    So it said I don’t have sufficient balance in my account to transfer to another account (i only had 9 some ruppes).

    I also received some messages with the contact info of girl’s name… I guess this was more of an exploit rather than a fraud.

  3. Ayesha says:

    My worry about the SMS culture is different. As more and more young people learn to write only for SMS I worry about what happens to their writing skills, vocabulary, spellings, and grammar. Even in some comments here, I see people using inanities like ‘ur’, ‘dat’, etc. Its not as if the language skills of our young were great to begin with, and this SMS business is killing whatever was left!

  4. Tazeen says:

    Ah sms spamming has become the bane of my existence. Its just so irritating

  5. Scam Victim says:

    Actually, telephone scams are also rising. Someone calls and congratulates you that you have won a car. They ask then that you can have it sent to your home and quote a fee for doing that. That is where the scam is.

  6. Aamer Javed says:

    btw that title is a tongue twister..

  7. ali says:

    The guy seems to be enterprising, he has written urdu well in english.He has conveyed his message to the point and I see no spelling mistakes.

  8. Abdul Aleem says:

    Regarding Spam SMS, Etisalat (the biggest operator in GULF) has warned all its users to be careful about the SMS the receive specifically from Pakistan. Apparently people are getting Spam SMS from pakistan telling them that they have won some big prize in a draw and in response asking them to give them personal information or the Etisalat Pre-Pay card numbers.

    i felt bad when Pakistan was specifically mentioned in the warning for all users. Like we did’nt have enough bad name in the world already.

  9. Farhan Abbas says:

    This also happens with emails, i usually get emails saying “Congratulations! you have won 100000$” send us your information to get your prize.

    But this all is fake, New internet users oftenly start wasting their time in it that they must NOT do, sending personal information would also be harmful!

  10. Tariq Bilal says:

    For information of all readers I would like to point out that now the National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes (NR3C), a project of the Government of Pakistan being implemented by the Federal Investigation Agency is entertaining applications against such scams and has already sent many culprits behind the bars.

  11. kajal says:

    this was a brilliant post.
    A+ grade from my side
    Sms Messages

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