Posted on July 25, 2008
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22 responses to “Movie: Ramchand Pakistani”

  1. Alam says:

    Yes, overall a good movie, after a long time

  2. Ashoke Chatterjee says:

    I have just returned from an Ahmedabad theatre that is screening “Ramchand Pakistani”. What an incredibly powerful film, so wonderfully assembled and performed. I have known and admired Javed Saheb for many years — I had no idea that he had such a marvelously talented daughter. I came home and tried unsuccesfully to call them to say how thrilled and privileged I feel to be able to see “Ramchand” here. It deserves the widest audience, not just in our countries but all over this planet so that one day the Ranchands of this world can walk free. In this city we must do what we can to ensure that its young people have access to this important film. I hope as well that many in Pakistan will have seen it, and good cinema can do whatpoliticians seldom can. And if Javed, Mehreen and the family see this, “Thank you” to you all! Ashoke Chatterjee