Posted on July 3, 2006
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3 responses to “Guest Post: Pictures of the Day: ‘Bijli nama’”

  1. fakeer-e-shehr kay tan pr labaas baaqi hai
    ameer-e-shehr kay armaan, abhi kahan niklay

  2. Bilal Zuberi says:

    This is really quite sad. I was just reading that people in Palestine, under perpetual aggression by Israeli military forces, ae now having to learn the art of living in primitive ways – gathering sticks for firewood, sharing food, and living without electricity etc . Are we forcing Pakistani people, in the most industrialized city of our country, to move in the same direction? I routinely hear that buying a generator has now become the most important item on a households shopping list.

  3. MSK says:

    Thank you so much for this. These are very moving pictures and very apt commentary. This is why I like this blog so much, it gives us a lot of cultural stuff, even soft and humorous stuff, but never forgets the serious issues that confront our nation and its people. Thank you again.