Posted on September 25, 2006
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20 responses to “Who said What to Whom, Did What, When and Why?”

  1. […] Musharraf’s claim that Pakistan was threatened after 9/11 is not surprising (for a comment on the exact chain of events click here). A lot of people have suspected that Pakistan was in danger of being bombed alongside Afghanistan and a case for war wouldn’t have been difficult to construct. Links to the Taliban – check. Weapons of Mass Destruction – forget Iran and Iraq, Pakistan’s been nuclear since 1998. Terrorist Training camps in Kashmir – check. Aggresion towards neighbours – The Kargil fiasco was only two years old. […]

  2. Eidee Man says:


    the book is inexpensive for the U.S. (especially considering the price Amazon is selling it at). However, the price is obviously high for Pakistan. I would be surprised if there is not a cheaper version out in the near future. Like a lot of people have pointed out, this book is aimed a lot more at Pakistanis so to me it would make sense that Musharraf would try to get as many Pakistanis as possible to agree with his viewpoint.

    Until then, I bet pretty much every library in Pakistan will have it in a matter of weeks….so basically anyone who wants to read it will be able to.

  3. Dave says:

    I have been quite impressed by your president. He has a tough job but holds with great confidence and good humor.

  4. Suleman says:

    I totally agree with Adnan. Jyoti, overall his promotion of the book and appearances in media do help in Branding Pakistan as you get to hear directly from the President, with no spin alittle about direction and approach towards past and present day situation without any media spin .