Posted on February 25, 2007
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14 responses to “Pakistani Turtles in Danger”

  1. anjel says:

    omg that is just wrong! i do not like thise pictures!

  2. oh i heard there is a turtle lake at the new bhag ibn qasim in karachi…

  3. Aqil Sajjad says:

    From the original post:

    “Unlike many other topics that people in our country love to discuss around chai-time, protection of wildlife, and in this case turtles, has never gained popularity. The result of our collective social apathy towards the issue has resulted in significant loss of wildlife, and endangerment of precious species.”

    This paragraph is the crux of the matter.

    Also, these days, it seems that being ‘cool’ means having an obscenely expensive mobile phone, an Americanized accent, eating out at stupid places like McDonalds and KFC and so on.

    Things like not throwing plastic bags around, protecting the environment, valuing wildlife, or for that matter even basics like living within one’s financial means are not ‘in.’

    Perhaps we need some kind of marketting to change the prevailing notions of what’s ‘cool.’

  4. Adnan Ahmad says:

    I also saw this piece in dawn and was horrified by it. Huting at this scale would finish off these species within a couple of years. Does any anyone care?