Posted on April 14, 2007
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17 responses to “Human Development Foundation (HDF): 10th Anniversary”

  1. I am social working promoting human development concept in poor rural areas and established village development model through local based actvities, which is surety of the development otwards sustainable basis within a 1 year time frame.

    for further please visit our website or write us at our email

    we also promoting safe drinking Nadi filter for the families suffering for the celan drinking water will have access to clean and safe drinking water

  2. shakeel says:

    Dear Brother Salam-O-Aliekum
    Brother I am jobless from long time and I need so badly job to survive my family. We are living on rent flat which rent is 4000Rs per month and i am become in deprresion due this rent every month in this jobless condition. I am having some extra ordinary problems in my life which Allah knows and my suffering family. I am unable now to pay rent and school fees and utility bills due to jobless condition. I am hand to mouth condition.
    I need job brother to have normal life.
    Allah bless on you always
    Yours Brother
    Shakeel Hussain
    Lahore city