Posted on August 9, 2007
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38 responses to “Missing Paragraphs in the Nikah Nama?”

  1. Worried sister says:

    Very interesting Forum indeed.

    The reason of reading the whole forum is to find the correct answer for my situation, which i could not.

    My problem is, my sister got married in Feb and her husband is a pakistani settled in Germany. Due to some legal issues of his, he could not register the Nikkah Nama on the same date. Now he is in Germany and its been 8 months almost that Nikkah Nama is not registered yet and all four copies are with the guy’s family. He has to come back to Pakistan and only then he can register.

    Now as bride’s family, we are afraid that the guy family mite not register and we dont have any proof of their marriage(other than pictures, videos and the witnesses) where do we stand? if we wana take Khulla or file a case against him, can we ??

    Please any suggestions or help would be highly apprecited.

  2. alizain says:

    that points are very beautifull

  3. Great W. says:

    I am afraid, i was thinking that rights of a wife are somewhat which are defined as fundamental rules in ISLAM…Are not they already defined since Prophet hood i.e in holy Book from GOD or Saying of prophet? One of my friend told me that this is decided on time of Nikkah that if saperation occurs than who will be geting what. If its true, why there is confusion?