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Posted on October 30, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This is a toy seller in Quetta, Pakistan. Photo is circa December 2005. Note how many toys he is able to display on an easy-to-carry wooden cross.

Photo Credits belong to our friend Muhammad Ali Musa

4 responses to “khilonay wala

  1. This kholan walay looks muture but we must talk about child labor, who is bread and bear for many families in Pakistan. I agree to Khurram Kayani.
    In last november one day I was going to meet my friend. It was about 8 pm and break down was going on. One child round about 10 years ask me to accompany him up to his home. He said that he was afraid of darkness. His name was Noman. He told me that he work at a shop as Welder. His father had died last year, he left the school and now he is supporting his family of 4.
    I think their must be some sort of welfare organizations who support such children. Some are present and working well, but they are few. Also their support and progress is not enough. The wealthy peoples must setup or support those organization doing well for their welfare like Edhi.

  2. Atelier says:

    Arent we all Children ?

    The wonderful journey from childhood to adulthood does not dampen our joy on seeing and possesing Khilonas.

    When I was a child I was fascinated by Bow & Arrow, Swords, Dinky Cars, Bandar Ka Tamasha, Circus and all kinds of Maila Thelas.

    I am grown up now and an not a bit has changed. I now like Klashinkovs, Tornados, F-18s etc. Yesterday it was watching Bandar ka tamasha today watching the parliamentarians legislate. My country has the world’s largest circus (NA) on earth dancing to the tune of Brass bands. Today I like BMWs and Prados and I love to spend weekeneds in Dubai.

    I am still a child :)

  3. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Khilonay wala is a sort of “dream merchant” to
    every child, we use to think how lucky this young
    boy selling Khilonay, and so many of them , he owns
    them all. But the reality was different as we never
    discussed this between us, having nearly the same age.
    The Khilonay wala boy.

  4. khurramkayani says:

    although he is a grown up man,just imagin a khilonay wala with a age between 8-15 years.People will not encourage it but i think in our country this might become bread and butter for many family.
    we have seen many children doing this job,must encourage them instead of raising slogan of “eliminate child labour”
    God bless Pakistan

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