Posted on May 28, 2008
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15 responses to “Juvenile Delinquency in Pakistan”

  1. Khyza Hayat says:

    I just want to Hold the juvenile delinquency in any way. our Govt take interest in this matter because it is the matter of 22% people of Pakistan.

  2. yamlapagla says:

    such articles should publish in print media and electronic media as well so that people got more awareness to these social issues except irrelevant messy material that mostly our youth focused. and websites should portrate pakistani image is as good as pakistanis responsibilities……..
    more articles should write on juvenile delinquency….

  3. Adnan Younis Butt says:

    well, I just want to say that in planning we are at home but in implementation at sea. The Juvenile Justice System Ordinance is a very good piece of legislation the problem is in its implementation.

  4. Ammad Mushtaq Awan says:


  5. Mustaq says:

    This is a social and education issue more than a criminal issue. Education has to be the first step in solving it.