Posted on July 5, 2009
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40 responses to “Inside ATP: Who Reads”

  1. Rohit says:

    Im Indian, based in Sydney. Fan of Pakistaniat and friend of Pakistan.

  2. Fawad says:

    Adil and ATP team, thanks for a job well done. I have been a Pakistaniat fan pretty much since the site’s creation. Have also been fortunate to contribute a couple of pieces to this excellent resource. I have long been convinced that along with Pakistan’s private free media this site is actually helping articulate a new identity and definition of Pakistaniat that is based on a shared culture and experience instead of religion alone or opposition to India. Excellent work!

  3. From India with love says:

    This is by far the best Pakistani website/blog around. One of the BEST in entire south asia.

    i am a regular visitor here and am surprised by the DIVERSITY AND RICHNESS of the ideas exchanged here.

    i wish you guys all the success that this website truly deserves.

    Lots of love and hugs.

  4. ATP Fan says:

    I recently signed up for your Facebook page and although I did not think it was a good idea now am very glad you have that. the people there are very different and younger and in Pakistan and they need to be exposed to these ideas. I sometime get frustrated by some of the comments there because the intellectual quality is so much lower than here. But now I realize that here we are all talking to the converted, at your Facebook page we have a unique opportunity to make a difference by actually trying to talk to and change the opinions of people who are young and will make a difference in the future. So, I am glad that you are continuing these discussions there and taking them to new audiences.

  5. Mahendra says:

    I visit this website frequently but i couldn’t pass this opportunity to not speak. I am of Indian origin but i am honestly fascinated by the diversity of people and thier views. This is by far a very balanced website. Especially indians tend to believe pakistanis are way too religious to think rationally. I only had to visit this website to prove myself wrong.. As much as pakistanis hate Zardari, indians just love him. I am almost willing to say they are “obsessed” with him. good work guys …