Posted on April 1, 2010
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64 responses to “18th Amendment: What Does It Say?”

  1. attiya says:

    18th amendment is indeed good work by the government. Abolishing the 58-2b will hinder the president from dissolving the government, which will ensure the government will continue for 5 years atleast.

  2. jb says:

    will be 20th amendment with new article

    kuch na kaho .
    kuch bhi na kaho.
    kiya kehna hai.
    kiya sunana hai.
    mujh ko pata hai. tum ko pata hai
    samay ka yeh pal
    tham sa gaya hai .
    aur is pal main
    koi nahin hai
    bas ik main hoon
    aur ik tum ho

  3. 18th amendment is a great piece of work on part of politicians as ways of despots have been thwarted by help of this text andcredit goes to ppp regime as they authored this important document and culiminated it on 18th amendment.i am highly impressed by this text so there is still hope that pakistan can be one of the greatest state which we have always thought of it and ppp under leadership of bilawal bhutto zardari will steer this country out of such crisis in future because he possesses hereditary political leadership qualities and ppp will never end to shed blood to save pakistan from retrogressive elements.

  4. The 18th ammendment seems to be a magnum opus in context and text but what the reality would be is the matter of time. The decision of having judicial commission for the appointment of the judges which will coprise of the various members seems to be a pure democratic. And the percentage of tremnating some of the ministeries is a good news. The participation of non-Muslims in the Senate also is good sign of future for Pakistan and minorities.
    The amendment for any individual or a group or a party or supports the military access or tries to bring military in the boundaries from the boundaries will be considered as traitor because none is superior to Pakistan and its constitution.
    One of the most amazing thing is the thing that the judges are away from selecting their-napots.
    In its practical form the amendment may be a practical pilitics of any party that realizes it! The constitution also repeals the previous Gens. amendments and is accepted by the Parliament is really a voice of people. If all the parties of the Country work together for the national welfare and development and according to the constitution, the Paksitani peoples will change themselves for the development as well.