Posted on July 15, 2006
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20 responses to “Poll Results: Pakistan’s image and women’s rights”

  1. readinglord says:

    The very issue ‘Womem’s Rights’ show that the women are not human beings and are somewhat a sub-human creature otherwise they would have joined with the men to strive for the human rights which are denied institutionally in the Pakiland.

  2. Iffat says:

    It’s not about image…it’s about being stagnant. Like stagnant body of water. Is it of any use to anyone? No!!
    It’s a nation and she is part of the nation. She is not there to use up the resources, but give back as all muslims…all people should. Her education, her wealth and her giving back to society will make a better nation…not today and maybe not tomorrow but one day. Let’s not be like these the west and look for instant grad. It’s our number one down fall and the rest just follows.

  3. Muhammad TAYYAB says:

    I think this was done just to increase the religious disparity. We are really confused people. We know that we are Muslims somehow but don’t wish to have a Muslim society. because it can badly damage our image in the world. So shattering is our belief in islam. We don’t have trust that if we have an islamic system, we would have better moral values.
    I have a great fear that this would retalliate the so called muslim extremists to start the real struggle for an islamic Pakistan. i have an understanding that if we have a Muslim society we would be comfortable in implementing it in our personal life. But if we most of us just want to be Muslim by name thinking islam is a personal matter (Namaz personal deed, Parda aankhon maen), so we might need to rethink our ideology as well. I don’t think we can have that much miberty in islam.

  4. M.Ihtisham says:

    that really very important u done a great job.

  5. Gerry Lennon says:

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