Posted on March 15, 2007
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116 responses to “Kamran Khan Show on GEO TV Banned!”

  1. Shahid L. Khan says:

    All anchors of all TV channels, after seeing all your talks shows you have proved the nation that all political parties are united and fooling nation by criticizing each other, you on your own channels showed us passing harsh and filthy comments by leaders and their party members on each others then you show them sitting together shaking hands with each others, agreeing on issues of each others then after some time again talking against each other, then friendly with each other, the game of pro and against keeps on playing in front of nation. We nearly all have started believing that they all are same especially after sugar scandal and flood of 2010, the two major parties are making enormous amount of money in local currency as well as in foreign currencies, they are daringly looting us knowing that the nation can’t get away from trio of us 2 major political parties, they have made agreement that they will rule the country turn by turn like they did after Zia. And the 3rd ruling party is army, we all have seen army as well in last 4 coups, created political parties of lootairas and handing over the government to them, they did nothing for the betterment of people of Pakistan. Now about Zulfiqar Mirza’s accusation after 4 years of his party in government, telling America is planning to break Pakistan and MQM is supporting America and then Altaf Hussain bringing other parties in subversive activities is all planned drama, fool nation to save PPP for their next term which will come after 6 years if not Asif then Bilawal will be either President or PM, MQM will be least on risk as they will be coalition partner in the government of either political party. Mirza in his every press conference or TV interview categorically cleaning Asif Zardari and PPP any kind of wrong activity which the world is saying, and accusation is on America for breaking country, and MQM is with America. No anchor so far asked Mirza that America is already in 2 Islamic countries Iraq and Afghanistan, America is totally controlling these two countries now Mr Mirza tell us in how many states America has divided these two countries, whereas fractions within both these countries do exist, besides between these two countries there is Iran with which America is having long tussel going on, then why not Iran why Pakistan, Pakistan’s every government since 1958 associated with America, its every newly elected government’s head’s priority is to pay a visit to America to begin his duty according to instructions received from America.
    I beg to all TV Cannels and their anchors please stop flaming up these baseless things.
    Shahid L. Khan