Darwaish Amongst the 152 who died in last Wednesday’s tragic crash of Air Blue flight were six members of the Youth Parliament. All death in this tragedy were sad. The death of these talented youth with aspirations of building a better Pakistan was no exception. Maybe it was tragedy compounded. But the story of one […]

Handmade Carpets of Pakistan

Posted on April 7, 2010
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Darwaish In one of my earlier posts on Lahore’s old books shops, Adil Najam raised an interesting point and suggested that Pakistan is ripe for an Amazon.com type service for selling and buying old books and young Pakistani entrepreneurs should think about it. I don’t know if anyone has started such book selling service in […]

ATP Quiz: Guess What and Where!

Posted on February 19, 2010
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Ali Farhad Hameed (aka Darwaish) I have been away from ATP for almost a year and I thought it would a be good way to return by posting a quiz for readers. This structure somewhere in Pakistan, when existed, had a great deal of historical importance. All you have to do is guess what and where in Pakistan is this and its historical significance. As […]