ATP Quiz: Guess What and Where!

Posted on February 19, 2010
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Ali Farhad Hameed (aka Darwaish)

I have been away from ATP for almost a year and I thought it would a be good way to return by posting a quiz for readers. This structure somewhere in Pakistan, when existed, had a great deal of historical importance. All you have to do is guess what and where in Pakistan is this and its historical significance.

As usual, answer to the quiz and photo credits etc will be posted in 2-3 days time.  Hope its not that difficult. Happy Guessing.

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  1. Darwaish says:

    Looks like this ATP QUiz turned out to be an easy one :-). As rightly guessed by many readers (Thanks Khadim Sahab for a very informative comment), it is Sandeman Memorial Hall in Quetta (photo credit: Images of Asia). It was destroyed in 1935 deadly earthquake. Readers can view the damaged building here

    It was named after the name of Captain Sir Robert Sandeman under whose command British troops were sent to repel the internal feuds and external aggressions. The present city of Sibi was built after the 2nd British invasion of 1878 and was originally called Sandemanabad. The present day Zhob Valley was also called Fort Sandeman during the British era.

    More information on Captain Robert Sandeman and the Sandeman Memorial Hall here, here and here.

    Full text of book: “Sir Robert G. Sandeman, Peaceful conqueror of Baluchistan” is also available here

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