Posted on November 6, 2007
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29 responses to “Abdul Waheed Khan and Pakistan Hockey”

  1. Tahir Naseer Bunda says:

    Asalam-o-alaiqum, no doubt u such a legend in the history of hockey i salute u & i have a question for u to even all legends n all members of (PSB), Y, y u forget legend Naseer Ahmed Bunda all the time i didn’t read a single word even good word about him since he died…(PSB) didn’t ask once to his sons that u alive or not & y don’t u come to join us Nasir Naseer has also played in 1984 los angles…well, i’m sorry i’m gonna deeply in my emotions i didn’t mean to hurt u but plz do contact with BUNDA’Z family thats all n i’ve so many things to share i will, when u reply……..take very good care of urself.

    Tahir Naseer Bunda

  2. Jamshed says:

    Interesting anecdote.I wonder if the present Pakistan side have read Wahid Khan’s book,”How to become world champions”. But Wahid Khan was from a different era,and it was a different ball game back then,subtle and more artistic.

  3. coldrain says:

    Wow! Its amazing to see that the Pakistani team back then was using technology to become a better side. The extensive use of video is also made by the Australian Cricket team, and is hailed as one of the reasons for their success.

    I hope that with hard work and effort, and by learning from history, Pakistan will once again become a champion hockey nation.

    Thank you Owais bhai for this insightful post.

  4. Owais Mughal says:

    This post is reformatted today with new photos.