Afridi ke Nakhray: Let Afridi be Afridi

Posted on June 4, 2011
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Tamashbeen Shahid Afridi is being Shahid Afridi again. And I say he has every right to be Shahid Afridi. A star this big deserves a few tantrums. And his performance to glory ratio is still a great average. Nor is the “other side” in this case – the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) – a great […]

The Official Rules of langRi paala

Posted on May 21, 2011
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Owais Mughal There are several indigenous sports in Pakistan (and India) which many of us have played in our past lives but they don’t get much coverage in written media. e.g. gilli danda, kanchay, lattu bazi, patang bazi, gali cricket, kabaddi etc. One such very popular game is called langRi paala. Today I have taken […]

Tamashbeen No one seems to be paying much attention, but it seems that the Pakistan hockey team is slowly but surely making a comeback. Playing in the 20th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament – one of the toughest tournaments where every team plays every other team – Pakistan’s boys in green are surprising team […]