Amanat Ali from Faisalabad Wins Indian Hearts

Posted on October 11, 2007
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Adil Najam

One of the earliest posts we did at ATP was titled Indians are laughing at Pakistanis.” It was about a comedians from Karachi – Rauf Lala, Irfan Malik, Ali Hasan and others – who were taking Indian audiences by storm in the hit Indian television show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge.” 40 year old Rauf Lala from Pakistan went on to be voted the “Funniest Man in India”!

Today I heard from a former student telling me how a set of young Pakistani singers are winning Indian hearts in the ZeeTV hit show SaReGaMa Challenege 2007. Three Pakistanis reached the top-8 and one, Amanat Ali from Faisalabad, is now in the final three. The Super Final will be on the 13th of October and while the competition at this level is super tough, many are giving him better than even odds for winning.

I have caught the show occasionally, but had not seen any of the 2007 shows. I have a fondness for South Asian music in general and have always been amazed at the quality of the contestants in Indian music contests. There have been some phenomenal performers in these shows. Unlike many US reality contests (including early rounds of ‘American Idol’) where novelty can trump talent, the musical talent in Indian shows is nearly always phenomenal. So, while I had been skeptical about Kashif Memon making it to America’s Got Talent, this I had to see.

What I saw is actually very impressive. At the end of this performance of Mitwa, note the judges’ reactions at the end of the song. The superlatives they use are astounding, and obviously heartfelt.

If you look at his performances, he seems to excel as much at the ‘performance’ as at the singing. He sometimes improvises by putting his own or a judge’s name in the song and the confidence, charm and charisma he has on stage is certainly catching. Here is one example of this with the Soniya. Note Kareena Kapoor’s reaction.

Of course, the novelty of being from ‘across the border’ must have some role in the success of Amanat Ali and his compatriots. But it has also been a burden at times and because of their follies or other’s intentions inevitable controversies have also emerged. My own inclination is to ignore them for the time being. This is a young 19-year old from Faisalabad making it big – no, huge – in neighboring India. The pressures cannot be easy and, at least on the stage, he is carrying them well. This particular show (15th August) made for some needless controversy, but again, I thought that he not only carried a very difficult song (Aye meray piyarey watan) very well but his opening words weren’t bad either.

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His real strength seems to be his classical singing training. It comes across in many of his performances, but in his rendition of this not-easy to sing Ghulam Ali ghazal (hungama hai kuon barpa):

Probably his other songs were better sung, but I got first hooked when I heard this song (janey kahan gaye woh din) which is one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite movies (Mera naam Joker):

And finally, here is one more great song, beautifully rendered. Tujh say naaraz nahi zindagi from the very momorable film Masoom.

I don’t know enough about the other two finalists to make any predictions, nor do I have any expertise in such things. But it should be obvious from the above that I have been very taken by Amanat Ali’s performances and have been watching his videos again and again. I know a good performer when I see one. And Amanat Ali is certainly that. I wish him well. I also wish that he the intense politics of our region will leave him alone and he will leave it alone too.

P.S. I had written this before the blast at Ajmer today. Our hearts and sympathies go out to all who lost their lives or are injured in the blast. As we have maintained earlier, violence is never a solution to anything and those who use violence to instill fear and create hatred must not be allowed to wreck the efforts of those who want to spread peace and goodwill. All violence, by anyone, anywhere, and for any reason must be condemned and rejected by all. It is in this spirit that we have decided to go ahead with this post which, we hope, has deeper meaning than just highlighting a really talented singer from Pakistan making his mark in India. May the oices of peace always overwhelm teh voices of violence

77 Comments on “Amanat Ali from Faisalabad Wins Indian Hearts”

  1. Idealist says:
    October 11th, 2007 5:32 pm

    Wah ,what wonderful talent,thanks Adil for bringing this post
    especially after all the political circus going on.And right on time for chand raat,Eid Mubarak.

  2. sahirr says:
    October 11th, 2007 8:30 pm

    Your article is one of the most decent that I have come across. In other blogs Pakistanis did not seem that appreciative of Indian votes and sentiments for Amanat. I work in a call center in India and there are plenty of young people working along with me. The kind of appreciation and goodwill that I have seen for Amanat is amazing. There is never a reference to his religion and unlike cricket there is no country rivalary either. I personally like Raja Hasan also. I think he has a very individual voice. In my Call Center Raja has a lot of fans also. I would also like to mention that Junaid is still missed. I wish Amanat gret success and I wish he stays among us always. He is a symbol of new Pakistan who has come to create new vibes of friendsip and love.

  3. NT says:
    October 11th, 2007 8:35 pm

    I have followed the contest very closely only because of Amanat. He is the best of the best no matter what is the final result. Please vote for Amanat at:
    Vote as much as we can.

  4. NT says:
    October 11th, 2007 8:46 pm

    Please check this web site and be the judge yourself that Amanat is the best:

  5. TEE BEE says:
    October 11th, 2007 8:56 pm

    I have been following Saregampa very closely as well….i wud say that Amanat has got a very very beautiful voice and i hope, i really hope he wins…….good to see some Pakistani talent on Indian TV screens……..rock on Amanat…rock on Pakistan…!!!!

  6. Zia says:
    October 11th, 2007 9:23 pm

    Thanks Adil. The guy seems to be really talented. I went through many of his clips and he is good. If he gets the chance in bollywood, we will hear him for a long time to come.
    Good luck Amanat!.

  7. Qandeel says:
    October 12th, 2007 4:24 am

    Saregama is a beautiful show. Through a simple music program, India has managed to do something that may still be unthinkable in Pakistan: it tries to chip away the long-standing barriers between the two countries.

    Its been argued that there is any ulterior motive behind the increased attention given to Pakistan in the show – namely, to internationalize the program by appealing more to its target audience of Pakistanis living abroad.

    But I’ve followed the show for a long time, ever since (I’m no longer afraid to admit!) the days of Sonu Nigham. And there is so much modesty, humility and honesty in the program, that the underlying message of unity cannot go ignored. Saregama has always rose above the divisions inherent to India (caste and class), and now by taking the show global they’re promulgating the message of unity worldwide. I think that its remarkable and hope Pakistanis are positively influenced by it.

    As for Amanat Ali, I think the immense attention being given to him by Pakistanis – to ensure that his ballot box be the heftiest – is diverting a little from the main message. He’s a good singer and should win on merit, but to suggest that he should win because he’s a Pakistani turns the matter into an “us versus them” issue which defeats the whole point of shows like Saregama.

    Personally I favour Raja…!

  8. libertarian says:
    October 12th, 2007 4:45 am

    Adil: I also wish that the intense politics of our region will leave him alone and he will leave it alone too.

    Seems the next generation in India (and I hope, Pakistan) is much freer of the jingoistic nationalist or religious baggage that the previous generation continues to labor under. The teens and twenty-somethings in India are much more individualistic/materialistic (several surveys show this) than their parents. Deep ideology or indoctrination is boring and uncool to them. Seems that the prism of religion – even nationalism – is a tired idea that is finally running it’s course.

    Regarding Saregamapa – that Amanat is Pakistani (initially billed as “from Dubai”), or that Raja is Muslim, or Aneek is Bengali, is so far down the list as to be non-factors with the 10′s of millions of votes coming in. Truly an incredible show. May the best man win!

  9. jyoti says:
    October 12th, 2007 5:26 am

    Wonder why nobody is talking about Indo-Pak tennis “jodi” of Rohit Bopanna and Esaam Kureishi who have won four world level tournaments in doubles.

  10. HASSAN' says:
    October 12th, 2007 9:03 am

    Oops I can’t watch the show coz my cable don’t have Zee TV.

  11. Roshan says:
    October 12th, 2007 9:26 am

    He is superb!!
    A well composed young guy performing in a mesmerizing way. I spent lot of time in seeing his various clips and found him very talented and impressive. Sa Re Gama has explored Amanat and gave him a chance to establish the base of his fans which he successfully did. I could hardly find any weakness in his performance but I liked ‘Aakhon Mein Teri Ajab Si’

  12. Suresh says:
    October 12th, 2007 3:28 pm

    I second the voice of majority in this forum. We should let the world of music, fine arts and literature be free from the politics of state and religion.

    The fact that once we lived in much more harmony than today should be a lesson enough. My grandfather used to wear shalwar-kameez, he wrote in hindi/urdu script and loved Dr. Iqbal’s poetry and nobody linked it with Islam. Thats how the cultural links used to be. People used to be connected with culture not religion.

    Amanat is like a wave of fresh air connecting likeminded people, young and old equally. He wins or not is a secondary now but I am sure when he goes home after the show is over millions will miss his innocent presence in our lives and in our country. As we have looked forward to seeing/hearing him every week since last 5 months he has become a part of our daily conversations as well as life.

    We’d like Amanat to stay with us for ever but we understand has a mother and family back home.

    Probably this is his first Eid in India and I wish this becomes one of his happiest Eids. I wish him victory.

  13. Krish says:
    October 12th, 2007 3:41 pm

    Amanat is a fabulous singer. The quality of his voice, its range, the emotional content he instills in it, is just outstanding. This young man ought to win at all costs.
    Plus he is a good human being. Lot of youngsters of today ought to learn from him.
    My votes + that of several of my friends here in the USA are with him.

  14. Anurag says:
    October 13th, 2007 2:58 am

    Well it is good that Pakistani talent is getting recognition in India where caste, creed, religion, etc have no meaning only good performance and talent is. It is good that the platform that is lacking in Pakistan is being provided by India.

    However, I await that day when such facilities are offered to an Indian in Pakistan. Will a reality show in Pakistan let it be “Great Pakistan Laughter Challenge” or some other singing challenge will vote an Indian as the winner or even take him/her to the last stage and if that happens what would be the reaction amongst the common Pakistani.

  15. riitu says:
    October 13th, 2007 5:47 am


    i wonder if an indian will be allowed toparticipate in a pakistani TV show – and will he get votes in his favour assuming he is talented enough ?

    i await that day !!!

  16. Happy for Amanat says:
    October 13th, 2007 9:47 am

    The last couple of comments again prove that even when so many people on both sides want to extend thoughts of friendship and peace, there will be some who will try to creat disharmony and animosity. Shame on them. But the best way to deal with them is just to ignore them. Meanwhile, let us all await and pray for the day when bigots on both sides will disappear.

  17. PK says:
    October 13th, 2007 1:05 pm

    Check this one out. I think this is his best.

  18. Raza Rumi says:
    October 13th, 2007 2:38 pm

    Many thanks for this post. Amanat’s talent is formidable and he will rise and rise. He has the training, the voice and the right attitude.

    Aside from this India-Pak debate here I wish to raise a simple question:

    How come many (or most) Pakistanis were not aware of him before Zee TV gave him the chance ?
    EM to all!

  19. October 13th, 2007 5:57 pm

    News UPDATE: Rediff reports that Aneek Dhar has won the SaReGaMa final. Our congratulations to him. Having not heard him myself, but knowing that he was against such talent, he must be amazing. I look forward to hearing more of him. I trust that we will all also be hearing much more of Amanat Ali. I certainly hope so.

    he much-awaited verdict is finally out!
    After weeks of slugging it out in television’s most popular reality show, Zee SaReGaMaPa Challenge, Kolkata’s Aneek Dhar has won the coveted crown.

    The grand finale, which was held in Mumbai’s Andheri Sports Complex on October 13, saw thousands of fans waiting breathlessly for the results, while millions others watched it from their homes.

    Aneek won the contest after beating the other two finalists, Amanat Ali from Pakistan and Raja Hasan from Bikaner, Rajasthan. Raja was declared the first runner up and Amanat the second runner up in the closely contested finals.

    While Aneek received 3.65 crore votes through SMSes, Raja got 3.52 crore votes and Amanat collected 3.43 crore votes

  20. libertarian says:
    October 13th, 2007 6:56 pm

    Aneek was not the best. Raja was. Amanat deserved to be runner-up, not 2nd runner-up. Hope the public kicks Himesh Reshamiyya’s ass for his pathetic begging for votes for Aneek. The show could certainly do without Himesh’s miserable politicking.

  21. Rupesh sharma says:
    October 14th, 2007 5:08 am

    I also feel Raja Hassan was the best , followed by Amanat and Aneek.

    but Janta is always right :)..

    but as all judges were saying all three are winner, i also believe that.a..and over 10crore voters…mind blowing…just amazing..
    Any other show has got these many votes? dont think so.

  22. Qandeel says:
    October 14th, 2007 5:36 am

    Hahaha libertarian! I completely agree with you and have threatened Saregama many a times to get rid of Himesh or else I’ll quit watching the show. His frequent proxysms of nervous energy are TOO ridiculous!!! He manages to single-handedly destroy the rather serene and positive feel of the program.

    I’m upset Aneek won – because not only did he not deserve it (I think Raja was the man) but his winning is going to send Himesh’s ego to the seventh stinkin heavens and we’ll never see an end to his insufferable, pathetic outbursts and annoying displays of self-importance.


  23. Qandeel says:
    October 14th, 2007 5:39 am

    Oops, sorry! I thought I’d successfully cancelled the first post because of the mistakes in it. Apparantly not!

  24. Krish says:
    October 14th, 2007 7:52 am

    I feel a little disappointed that Amanat Ali did not win this contest. All the 3 young men deserved to win this contest jointly. In any case, all of them are going to end up with fabulous careers.

  25. Abbas says:
    October 14th, 2007 5:34 pm

    No matter what the results. This is a really superb find. A voice that will mesmerize us for a very long time.

  26. Raj says:
    October 14th, 2007 9:03 pm

    I have a child older than Amanat and have never been a music program fan – till I heard Musarat Abbas and Amanat Ali. After Musarrat lost out, we could not have enough of Amanat. It is not about Indian youngsters alone taking to Amanat. We voted and revoted for him for days, simply because he was the best and music and talent are beyond nationality and religion. Amanat has God-given talent honed to perfection by his dedication to music. His maturity both in demeanor and talent is beyond his 19 years. Pandit Jasaraj recognized him to be the best, even if the Reshamiyas and his ilk didn’t. I look forward to hearing Amanat sing for years to come.

  27. lulu says:
    October 15th, 2007 7:48 am

    i was also very disappointed after the results.
    but anyway…….
    amanat is an awesome singer and i would definitely like to listen to his songs in the years to come.
    i hope he will release his album soon.

    nice article too.

  28. NT says:
    October 15th, 2007 10:03 pm

    The winning order may have been: Raja/Amanat/Aneek or Amanat/Raja/Aneek . BUT Aneek/Raja/Amanat will take a long time for me to digest.

  29. riitu says:
    October 16th, 2007 12:54 am

    happy for amaanat –

    this is for you.

    while your comment does not merit any “safaai” or explanation i say this out of respect for the all those who log in to this website and that includes me.

    what is wrong if i express the wish that what happens in india should also happen in pakistan ?

    or is your mind accustomed to thinking the way you accuse the so called bigots of thinking ?

    please think before you write.

    all the best.

  30. Surbhi says:
    October 16th, 2007 2:02 pm

    Hi! I am an Indian – and a very proud one at that. I am not ashamed to admit that I am not exactly fond of our neighbour Pakistan – in fact, I have had my moments of hatred (mild to intense) during several occasions, almost every day. But when I heard Amanat for the first time (his superb rendition of “Mere Naina”), I felt ashamed of myself. Trust me, I have since followed this musical prodigy religiously, and each time I heard him, I apologised a million times to the nation that is Pakistan. If a simple boy’s extraordinary voice can make me do that, it is undoubtedly divine. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have heard him, for not many with his calibre are born everyday.
    I love Amanat as much, if not more, than any true Pakistani does. And I am not sorry he did not win, for he is way above this competition and all others of this kind. The boy is made for concerts, not for talent hunts. Heavens! He is already a talent and we have already hunted him.
    I wish him all the happiness and success he deserves – and much, much more.

  31. Anika says:
    October 16th, 2007 3:45 pm

    Hi! Thanks for this article. Amanat Ali was not only loved by people from Pakistan or from India. Here in Bangladesh there were crazy fans of him like me. I have not followed the show from the beginning but fell in love with it when I happened to hear Amanat’s singng. He was wonderful and when I watched his previous performances on the net.. i was blown away. That guy’s been a winner since the 1st day. It’s a huge blow to the world that he lost but he got the most international votes which proves him to be the winner of the VISHAWAYUDH. The other 2 finalists got regional votes mainly. I wish Amanat all the best in his future and I am sure his fans will take him to the vey top!You rock Amanat:D!!

  32. Anika says:
    October 16th, 2007 3:51 pm

    What really matters is the fact that he has been declared the winner by people who understand and respect music, the maha gurus and by all the mentors, not once but many times and if their comments mean anything, then he’s going to be hUGE STAR!!

  33. Jeet from CA, USA says:
    October 21st, 2007 6:15 am

    Wah Amanat!

    You are God gifted and graceful. Your voice is magical. I was in searching for “Saregama” videos and came across yours. You are awesome. All the songs were very well sung and the perfect “Amanat” way. I am a big fan of Ghulam Ali ji and until this day I was thinking no one can sing his (Ghula Ali ji) ghazals. You have proved me wrong and rest of the world. You are an amazing singer. I wish you all the best!

    Khuda Hafiz!

  34. sameer says:
    October 22nd, 2007 1:40 am


  35. Masood says:
    October 22nd, 2007 10:29 am

    I think I know Adil Najam, Any ways I have been following SRGMP2007 since its first episode and I had done whatever it takes to hep Amanat to win, He was declared number 1 in international voting but lost to Aneek Dhar in Indian voting. Amanat was 2nd runner up, Raja Hassan of India was 1st runner up. But most Indians touted that Amanat was way better then the winner and had he got some support form Pakistani voters he could have won easily. Now anouther version of the same programe is airing these days. This is called Sa Re Ha Ma Pa Little Champs, Children ageing between 7 to 14 are taking part form allover the world. A few very good Pakistani Kids are also taking part. They would need a lots of votes if we want them to win.

  36. Riya Ali says:
    October 24th, 2007 5:54 pm

    Hey Amanat,

    U sing so nice. I am writing my e-mail if u wanna add so ( ( Canada,Montreal )

  37. Amanat Fan says:
    October 24th, 2007 11:18 pm

    Amanat was very very best. I simply became fan of him. We have group of Indians from Hyderabad, India currently residing in New Jersey. Every body liked him. We felt bad when show was over. We thought Amanat would definitely win the show. Any way All the very best to him. Regards,

  38. rajesh says:
    October 25th, 2007 8:52 am

    I like Amanat so much that I want to organise a cultural program featuring him
    Can I have his Email Id or address

  39. Kavita Ramgoolam says:
    October 25th, 2007 11:33 am

    I totally agree with differents comments posted regarding the brillance and virtuosity of Amanat Ali who I would not hesitate to qualify the find of this decade for the South Asian Music Industry. I am origianally from Mauritius and based in the UK for a number of years and have had the chance to follow a number of these talent hunt shows. Karunya, his cousin Hemachandra, the unfortunate Amay Date and the last victim of Indian Idol, Amit Paul all had such a major impact on the audiences with their awesome voices but were not able to break the cross-cultural, “geo-political” dogmas. Ditto for Amanat Ali who in spite of having garnered the top marks in international votes could not be crowned. This is a pity and I hope and pray that this does not distract him from what should be a brillant future a la Sonu Nigam on the subcontinent’s music industry. He is blessed with a divine voice. I do not fall in raptures easily but I can watch his Hungama kyun Barpa or Mitwa or Tujhse Naraz over and over again and I would always associate these pieces with him. Carry on the good work Amanat, do not let yourself get bogged down by cross-cultural or cross-border issues. You are a star who is meant to shine in the arts realms forever. May God bless and protect your voice.

  40. Gitanjali says:
    November 13th, 2007 6:03 pm

    Amanat sings simply beautifully. His performances bring tears to my eyes, one so young and so talented. I give not a hoot where he is from. He is after all, one of our own, God’s creation, a gift to humanity for all of us to enjoy and cherish.

    May you soar to heights untouched my dear. May you reach the pinnacle and may all of India and Pakistan recognise your talent and accept what a gift you are.

  41. Amjad Khan says:
    November 16th, 2007 12:02 pm

    I am not sure why people are worried about being Indian or Pakistani when it comes to music. Music has no coountry nor a religion. You are a great singer and there are probably few others who could sing like you. I am a music buff where ever I could get beautiful music from. I would like to thank all who is responsible for this show. Hats off to you, you made it possible for a Pakistani to be loved in India not for being a Pakistani but for the great talent.
    Thank You India and thank you Amanat for beautiful music.

    Amjad Khan

  42. JeRrY says:
    November 16th, 2007 5:54 pm

    First of all i congratulate to all the winners of the show and secondly i (myself) can’t believe in the voting system by sms… Because it is simple to say that who knows that the results which cab be declared are true…
    For Example if there is a compitition b/w 3 ppl and i (being a judge) give my number to people and asks them to vote on my no. then i am the only person who knws the truth and i can declare any 1 from the 3 as a winner by saying so that he has got the maximum no. of votes…
    So, i believe that this is the only fake thing and by this they can make ppl fool because no 1 knows what the exact thing is… Thanx

  43. fizza says:
    November 24th, 2007 6:16 pm

    hi you sing so preaty so keep it up iwish you best of luck

  44. Manish Srivastava says:
    November 29th, 2007 12:54 am

    I am from India, currently in US. I am a BIG fan of Amanat Ali. I watch all of Amanat’s songs on the You Tube. He is an amazing singer and a very honest and humble person. Every time I watch his song ” Tumse naraz nahin …” every time I cry, I don’t know why. I want to wish him good luck and hope to listen his songs in future more and more. Ummeed hai ki Amanat ka naam ham baar baar sunegen..

  45. Abid Patwa says:
    December 7th, 2007 2:25 am

    Amanat Ali, you are a extremely talented artist. I love your classical singing so rare these days. Please maintain the humility inherent in you and not let anything distract you from your God given gift.

  46. December 13th, 2007 10:36 am

    Amanath you are amazing. Every song of yours in this programme was fantastic.Is there any video of these songs available in the market.

  47. December 13th, 2007 10:38 am

    Amazing. Is there any video available on Amanath ali songs performed in sa-re-ga-ma-pa

  48. Jhumpa says:
    December 15th, 2007 8:39 am

    We are trying to organize an event in UAE with few talents of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, but unfortunately Amanat is missing. We are trying to gather his contact somehow. Can you Please help us with his contact details?

  49. Murtaza says:
    December 16th, 2007 3:31 am


    I am an Indian but believe in humanity brotherhood. I Love Amanat voice very much and his personality too.

    Can anyone of you please tell me whether can I be able to Download all Amanat Songs of Sa Re GA Ma Pa. Still today I see his Vidoes from You Tube everyday. I cannot resist seeing his Vidoes of “TUJHSE NARAAZ NAHI ZINDAGI”. I want to see his Vidoes on DVD /CD. I have never miss any of the episode just because of Amanat. I was very upset when he was declared third but I am happy that he was declared WINNER many times during the Episodes.

  50. Francesco says:
    March 2nd, 2008 10:10 am

    Congrat to Adil Najam, very well said.
    For the other writer I can say this kid got everything he went there for and much more. He won hearts & minds in India & all over the world, many contracts & appreciation from industry personnel much more than the other contestants.
    Abba of Sweden sang the famous song “winner takes it all…” Amanat proved her wrong, big time.

  51. IluvAmanatandMusic says:
    April 20th, 2008 8:19 pm

    Go to for songs.

  52. Ahmad Ali says:
    April 28th, 2008 6:43 pm


    Amanat bahi i love u so much kia baat hai ap ki kia gate hoo i love ur voice i am ahmad from saudia plz main ap se milna chata hoon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  53. DIYA says:
    May 10th, 2008 10:02 am


  54. May 10th, 2008 1:37 pm

    Hi every body. Salam to all from me. i belongs to Pakistan >kurram Agency. i want to say some about Amanat Khan. He is the best singer all over the world. when i heard his sweet voice. i like him very much. he have a nice voice and he is the best.

  55. Rani says:
    May 11th, 2008 3:31 pm

    hi amanat
    I am indian. I live in burma.YOU know burma(myanmar).ha mar rae ya har mae app ko bahot pasan kara tha hae.App acha single ho.Ya har mae tho sap bi amanat amanat kara hae hae.Ham app sae chat ka ra nae man thi hae.plz ham mar rae mail ko add ka re ji yae.plz amanat.

  56. Asif says:
    May 13th, 2008 2:47 pm

    Amanat ” Jesay honthon pay qarz rakha hai” U were the best u collected bundles of votes considering u were from pak not india. Brilliant. I didn’t use to hear classical music untill i heard “Tujhe se naraz nahi” in ur voice thankx.

  57. Abdul Khader Shaik says:
    May 18th, 2008 4:43 am

    Salam, Amanat Ali iam from india , but i like u r voice somuch, you are the best youngest singer in Asia and world, keep it up aur tum feel mathona ke aap ko first prize nahi aaya, but u r the best in final 3 conistents.

    Allaha appko aur apke ghar waloku sahi salamat rakhi (Ameen)

  58. Nandini says:
    May 18th, 2008 4:53 am

    Salam Amanat Ali, This is Nandini from india (A.P) Kadapa i would like to say you are my best hero and i like u r voice somuch, i know hindi, mai kehte hu ke tum 3 finalist me se tum (Amanat Ali) is the best and Topper in 3 finalish, tume pata hai tum pakistan se ho ilkeye indians ko india wale jetadiye hai . but tum winner ho dear, I like u and u r voice,

    I LOVE YOU Amanat Ali

    You are the winner in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa challenge 2007

  59. syed iqtidar shah says:
    May 20th, 2008 1:36 am

    iam from pakistan swat iam pathan
    hay you did great job and i thanks all indian people who give you voat and plz plz we people are not against each othere

  60. May 20th, 2008 4:08 pm

    pakistan to karachi

  61. Elham says:
    June 21st, 2008 7:37 pm

    Hi Amanat, i gotta know about your superb talent from the youtube after searching for hindi love song..the moment i heard your voice…wow..i fallen in love…i am Malaysian mixed Pakistani but i cant speak urdu….you make me proud bro…really …

  62. Aamer Shabbir says:
    July 25th, 2008 8:00 am


    I was not use too to litsen music alot due to my busy schedule but when I saw Amanat clip on youtube 2 weeks before, I spend my last whole week to watch and litsen his songs even postpone my work, sleep everything except my Namaz. I put another LCD on my table where which I have attached with my computer where I can see his clips. He is really a fantastic guy. He boosts, encourage me alot, cause this young boy recognise him all over the world. Amanat you are super hero not because you are from same city from where I am. Well I had started one of the biggest project two months before and now able to present soon in fringe festival, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. I really appriciate this guy for his tremendous performence. Wish him all the very best. May ALLAh live him long. Insha Allah we will ensure the world by our talent, strength, work, that Pakistani are not behind to any one else in the World. Thanks

    Again Best of LUCK

  63. hasan says:
    October 6th, 2008 7:37 pm

    as we all know by now amanat ali was cheated out from the winning position by zee and hemesh reshmiya. I think everyone knows why and who deserves to be the winner. BUT this post is not about the injustices those guys have done to poor amanat. What i want to know is why zee tv is allowed to suck our pakistani talent out of pakistan. Amanat is now living in india and trying to achieve success in the film industry (although i dont like the kneeling and worshipping the music judges these can go towards shirk) He has recently sung 1 line in a song and is getting more as and when time comes. Problem is that we are not understanding that the indian creative arts industry is ill and needs fresh blood in terms of comedy writers, comedians and singers. They are sucking our identity and making it their own. Tomorrow you will see more shahrukh khans doing pooja and saying india is my country and this has done everything for me. We will see amanat loosing his footing after he has been completely squeezed out as is the nature of the commercialised system. Not only amanat dozens of youngsters are now attracted towards these awards just to get a chance to sing for bollywoood films. Where is our talent going there will be no one identifying as pakistani all would become indians. These guys can early really good money (in hundreds of thousands) if they stay and live in pakistan, they get respect and love, good money to live their lives in a respectable manner but yet they choose to live in india and in the end probably would die as indians. As one judge pointed out amanat you are now India’s amanat.

  64. October 7th, 2008 8:17 am


  65. MOONA BASHIR says:
    November 17th, 2008 10:08 am

    hai amanat

    you are really rock.your voice is super and you also look like a hero.i am your big fan.
    i didn’t see indian idol,my all frndz says that you are really rock but the INDIAN IDOL SHOW have finished then i bought your songs CD and listen then i feel that you are really rock…….

  66. kahsif says:
    April 13th, 2009 8:36 am

    amanat u r beautiful guy
    i love u
    i m ur big fan
    sa re ga ma real winner is u
    kashif shah
    03005028209 my cell number

  67. waqar chaudhry says:
    April 25th, 2009 3:48 am

    hello amanat
    u’ll become a big singer.u have a bright future.i m ur biggest fan.
    u r my same age and we have same star of libra.


  68. Mohammad Nawaz says:
    May 25th, 2009 5:29 pm

    Dear Amanat,
    I am a young man of 57 and love your songs, once I saw you on Nadia Khan show and thought you are from India but a few days ago I was told that you are from Pakistan, good to hear it. I hardly listen to music and had a opportunity to listen to the songs you sang in Sare Gama Pa. Let me tell you one thing you are the best and there is no doubt in my mind without any prejudice that you had won the championship by wining the hearts, souls and minds of judges as well as people who speak and understand Urdu or Hindi.

    I don’t agree with the official results of that contest because something was fishy fishy due to some unknown reasons. I wish you all the best and pray for your bright future.

    I would like to advise you to always pay respect to your mother & father and don’t disrespect either of them ever ever ever in your life.

    Your well wisher

  69. Zohaib Abid says:
    June 30th, 2009 5:13 am

    Hello everybody guys in Pakistan, the days during all the Pakistani were feeling to have lost their art and music.
    But the fact has soon became false as Amant Ali An outstanding youth singer performed in Sare ga ma, which won the hearts of not only the people of Pakistan but in all over world where the music lovers are Living.
    I am also from Faisalabad Pakistan. And I am proud of the fact that my city has produced lagendary singer like Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan And now the Amanat Ali.
    I f my this could be conveyed to Amanat Ali, I would only request him to be always be proud of ur country make its name remarkable in the history of music. And never become a part of India, u can sing for them but nver give them the priority more than a fact that ur just going there for music.
    As u become a good star we will proud of You Amanat Ali and we can never tolerate the fact that Indian Industry is utilizing you for their name and improvement rather u sould try to
    improve our music and FILM industry
    From Zohai Abid
    A great fan of AMANT ALI

  70. Rukhpar Mor says:
    July 7th, 2009 8:43 pm

    Actually, the other two Pakistani contestants that made it to the top 9 were far superior in both singing and performing, which is not to say that Amanat is not good. But I think these shows are using more and more of the same tactics that are used in some of the shows in the USA, like America’s Got Talent. I think Junaid Sheikh or Mussarat Abbas would have not only gotten to the top three, but also would have won the title if the votes were counted with “emandaari”.

  71. September 15th, 2009 8:52 am

    hi amanat ali salammmmmmmmmmmmm: ap ki awaz ma jadoo hai apne to kamal krdia i love ur song tujse naraz nahi zndagi i m from karachi mai nahi jant ye possible hai ya nahi but mai ap se milna chahta ho ….. its my dream…….i m ur frnd no 1…….

  72. October 22nd, 2009 10:18 am

    great post thankyou

  73. December 31st, 2009 4:54 am

    Dear Amanat Ali,

    My warmest salam to you and to all pakistani brothers,

    I have been astonished by your wonderful song and killing perfomance during the grand finale of SEREGAMA. You really have moved the hearts of your audience from the entire world. I am so proud of you!!! Your songs brought me back to wild wild memories of my 10 years stay in Islamabad as student in IIU. You are great phenomenal singer. To me you are the renounce singer of the sub-continent.

    Good luck to your carreer. Hope to see you personally.

    So proud of you,

    Jibrann Dussell J. Abubakar
    Manila, Philippines
    Cellphone: 00 63 919 8205573

  74. December 31st, 2009 5:00 am

    Dear Amanat Ali,

    My warmest Salam to you and to all pakistan brothers,

    I have been astonished by your wonderful song and killing performance during the grand finale of SEREGAMA. You really have moved the hearts of your audience from the entire world. I am so proud of you!!! Your songs brought me back to wild wild memories of my 10 years stay in Islamabad as student in IIU. You are great phenomenal singer. To me you are the renounce singer of the sub-continent.

    I am Filipino but my heart, life and sympathy are for Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad!!!!

    Good luck to your career. Hope to see you personally.

    So proud of you,

    Jibrann Dussell J. Abubakar
    Manila, Philippines
    Cellphone: 00 63 919 8205573

  75. Mahmood Ahmad says:
    March 17th, 2010 2:41 am

    Dear and Dearest Amanat ALi,
    I m proud to u.
    U really make us proudy by wining the indians heart who always thing negatively about pakistan and think that they are supperior than pakistan.
    But u and like u pakistani always beat them in each field,so i m requesting to u that u should not forget that u r a pakistani and u r representing pakistan.
    i hope and pray for your progress,but when u will progresse there will be discovery of your enemies, so be carefull and do not give us any chance of shame espessialy against india.
    Thank u and May u live long
    Best of Luck

  76. ib42 says:
    August 24th, 2011 3:51 pm

    Where is this young artiste now? What has become of him? It will be a real shame if, because of all the anti-music and fundamentalism in Pakistan, he fades away before shining as the star he was born to be.
    I think that while it is great that India has given so much praise and love to Amanat, it is up to Pakistan to give him the status and recognition he is worthy of. If Pakistan cannot break away from it’s never ending problems, then he should accept it, and move to India permanently. Why fade away before your time, and be forgotten in the continuous state of crisis that plagues Pakistan?

  77. January 2nd, 2012 6:22 pm

    Dear Amanat, i have watched all your performances in sa re ga ma and at times my eyes have brimmed over with tears. your voice directly touches the heart…and i really appreciate your selection of songs. keep it up and our best wishes are always with you…….

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