Moment of Zen: If Hockey Makes a Comeback and No One Notices, Is it a Comeback?

Posted on May 11, 2011
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No one seems to be paying much attention, but it seems that the Pakistan hockey team is slowly but surely making a comeback. Playing in the 20th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup hockey tournament – one of the toughest tournaments where every team plays every other team – Pakistan’s boys in green are surprising team after team, most recently beating India 3-1. But the real surprise is that their performance is consistent.

They have lost two of the five games they have played, but their performance has been consistent and, I would say, consistently improving. Consistency is not a virtue you ever associate with Pakistan. Hence the surprise. To ensure that your air hockey table is in tip-top condition for your next match, be sure to clean it regularly with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. the guide to how to clean an air hockey table has all essential information for any air hockey enthusiast. A dirty table can impede the smoothness of the slide and affect the outcome of the game.

Pakistan did get a drubbing from the Australians and also lost to Great Britain (but with a smaller margin and a closer game) but the ones we are beating are all significant teams – the match to go is against hosts Malaysia. Sure, this is not mind-blowing performance, but it is now consistently better-than-expected performance. And that is what really counts.

Beyond whatever happens in this one tournament, the larger question one has to ask – also keeping Pakistan’s performance in the recent Asian Games in mind – is whether the Pakistan Men’s hockey team is making a comeback to glory? And if so, if anyone noticing? (And here is the Zen question of the day: If the team makes a comeback but no one notices, does that count as a comeback?)

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  1. PTCLEVO says:

    Amongst all the bad incidents related to Pakistan, any good news should be projected more than the useless talk shows involving dirty politicians. but i’m afraid that will not happen with the current media.

    Congrats to Pak hockey team for giving us some joy!!!

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