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Shahi paan at Daman-i-Koh : ALL THINGS PAKISTAN
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Shahi paan at Daman-i-Koh

Posted on February 5, 2009
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Adil Saleem

This is the photo of a ‘paan farosh’ at Daman-i-Koh, Islamabad. A few days ago I went there and was quite amused to see this classical getup. In the background a song was playing with the wordings: “hameN tou loot liya hai husn waloN nay …” .

Note the amazing variety of things on display in this paan shop. Despite all the entertainment, the poor guy had to endure the Islamabad’s cold evening due to his kurta-pajama outfit.

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  1. YLH says:
    February 9th, 2009 10:50 pm

    I am very sorry to see that ATP has censored my post which was written as a well wisher of ATP.

    It was this mindset I was referring to precisely.

  2. razia says:
    February 9th, 2009 7:20 am

    my cousins and i stopped by a paan shop in islamabad. after we got our paans some thing pleasant abd surprising happened. it took us a while to figure out that we were showered by rose petals by the man in the picture 0 if you find him mywebalbum:
    i wonder if this is the same shop as featured in this post.

    (i don’t know if the link to my web album worked or not. i wish there were a preview available here)

  3. February 7th, 2009 3:10 pm

    Great post and a superb photograph. I’m so glad to see it. I recall legendary Urdu poet Akhtar Sheerani’s friendly panwala.

    Gone are those days but still, this sort of culture and his style, even if its cultivated and just for the sake of publicity, its marvellous.

    Adil Saleem sahab mubaarakbaad ke mustahaq haiN.

  4. February 6th, 2009 4:52 am

    ????? ??? ??? ????? ???? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??? :P

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