Khalid Abbas Dar: At His Brilliant Best

Posted on July 17, 2010
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Adil Najam

Khalid Abbas DarAbout a year ago, I had posted one of the funniest comedy performances I have ever seenKhalid Abbas Dar and friends at the 1987 PTV Awards singing ‘Mein naeen khedna Korea dey naal.’ But I had premised it by saying that this was “not the best work of Khalid Abbas Dar” because “Khalid sahib’s all-time greatest performance is the ‘classical’ singing he does with made up words – it is side-splitting funny – originally recorded during the 1971 election transmission and recorded multiple times later.”

I had been looking for a recording of that performance ever since. Finally, I have found a version based more on ‘folk’ than a ‘classical’ sensibility (I think from one of the 1990s election transmission).

This itself may not be the best version of this performance, but it shows the versatility and command of Khalid Abbas Dar. Especially the first half where he does his singing is hilarious not for what it is, but for what Khalid Abbas Dar does with it. I stand by what I had written in my earlier piece on Khalid Abbas Dar: “for my money [he is] the most brilliant stand-up comic Pakistan has ever produced.” Do check out his hockey commentary skit once you have watched this one.

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  1. Omar says:

    great stuff

    what was the name of the actual song that this was a spoof of. i can’t remember the exact words of the original

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