Pakistan Elections 2008: Vote I Must

Posted on February 19, 2008
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Adil Najam

We have recently been talking about whether people think that they should at all vote in these elections and it is clear from reports that the turnout has been rather low. But it seems that like in all elections there are some who you cannot keep away from polling, even if you wanted to. Here are some images of Pakistanis at Elections 2008.

Pakistan votes 2008Pakistan votes 2008Pakistan votes 2008Pakistan votes 2008

23 responses to “Pakistan Elections 2008: Vote I Must”

  1. Naseeb ali says:

    who will b new prime minister of pakistan.? according to my point of view there is only one man who is suitable for that job and that is amin fahim becoz he waited a lot to get his place in National Assembly He is the Most educated Person of pppp and the other best thing about him is he is very inocent and related to a big family from pakistan the new prime minister should came from sindh if pppp want to live for ever then they should give a chance to makdoom Amin fahim shah mohd qurashi,Raza gallani,mukthar these people should b in waiting last if pppp is the party of bublic party then there is no other choice except Amin fahim im 100% sure that Amin fahim will get is position in this party becoz benazir elected him for this Position to b a we are a living in a independ country country so we all pakistani in favour of Makdoom Amin fahim if Amin fahim left this party then there is no party he worked hard to get his place in this party so how can they give another person this position when zardiri was in jail benazir was another country he was the one who take over the party how can bilawal and other members forgot this today is the day we should give him is poisition in this party east or west Amin fahim is the best the reaming people should b in rest.

  2. Noor says:

    The images are very nice and it just proves that people want a change from the present regiem. Its the right of every Pakistani to vote as its their national duty! even though the turnout has been low but still people have spoken up!

  3. Fahim says:

    So musical chairs;but what change will be there?
    Tome to think of intraparty elections,proportional representation so an improved calss arrives.

    By the way, oil is supposed to go really down betwen 2009 and 12. Moreover, people are linking peak oil with peak famine.
    The poloiticans surely are aeware of this? Why do I think they are clueless? Any mention in their manifestoes???

    Former CEO of Talisman Energy: Peak oil is ‘here or hereabouts’

    Shell VP, Exploration: ‘No More Easy Oil’ ETAILS&grid=&xml=/money/2008/02/07/cnoil107.xml
    Why the price of ‘peak oil’ is famine

    By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard International Business Editor

    World food stocks dwindling rapidly, UN warns l
    As Global Food Costs Rise, Are Biofuels To Blame?
    World Oil Forecasts Including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE – Update Feb 2008

    Increasing Numbers of Oil Experts are Forecasting Impending Peak Production Plateaus

    By the way those in America might like to keep regualr check of daily postings at :

    By the way, a European think tank which predicted subprime debalce in 2/06 report has dire expectations.
    Automattic Earth’s postingngs of a couple of day’s ago mentioned it: apse-phase-of-us-real-economy.html

    Collapse phase of the US real economy

    If you don’t have 600 Euroes to spare for full report, a Summer 2007 report can be found on the web: 622.GEAB.pdf

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