e-Bakra, With Free Delivery in Lahore

Posted on December 16, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Eid Bakras on-lineLast year we had a post on Finding Your Dream ‘Bakra’ Online. The trend continues this year and as Eid approaches, so do bakras.

And they are now invading the internet too.

A good friend of mine has forwarded me this ad.

It turns out that now you can buy your bakra from the comfort of your home. The ad announces that your bakra can be delivered free of cost anywhere in metropolitan Lahore. The farm is located at Kala Shah Kaku.

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16 responses to “e-Bakra, With Free Delivery in Lahore”

  1. HINA says:

    please mujhe 2011 ki eid ke liye bakra lena hain

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