Pakola Turns 60

Posted on June 19, 2010
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Adil Najam

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Pakola.

If you are not Pakistani you are asking ‘What is Pakola?’ If you are you probably know that it is Pakistan’s first branded bottled soft drink, and one that has been a remarkably resilient brand. Well, the fact that it is celebrating its 60th birthday proves just how resilient.

Reportedly, it was launched on August 14, 1950 by Haji Ali Mohammad and was for ages the Pakistan’s ice cream soda of choice. Over the years, it has grown in its range to now also include orange and lyechee flavors. Reportedly it now also has a Pakola milk range. Its packaging has become more colorful and varied and now includes boxed drinks and canned drinks in addition to its traditional dark green bottle. Distributed by Mehran Bottlers, it has clearly been a success story and an unlikely one given the power of international brands like Coke and Pepsi in Pakistan. Of course, it is not the only Paksiatni soft drinks brand – Shehzan is another iconic one – but it is a distinctively Pakistani brand; hence this post.

Let me confess that I have never been a great fan of Pakola. Rooh Afza was always more of my thing! Pakola’s taste was always too sweet and strong for me. But I have always been fascinated by the brand, by its resilience, and of course by its name. The “Pak” in Pakola is very much for Pakistan.

So, for once I was glad to receive a piece of marketing junk mail in my in box announcing that Pakola was turning 60. If you have a can or bottle handy, raise your Pakola to Pakola. For a brand well done!

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  1. shumaila says:

    i like your juices very much

  2. I love Pakola! It’s sad how it isn’t available everywhere, otherwise I’d probably have it instead of Coca Cola or Pepsi.

    Happy 60th Pakola!

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