Why and What? Kiya aur KyouN?

Posted on March 4, 2011
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Owais Mughal

Somebody in Larkana has hung metal utensils on branches to get them dried after washing. This photo is from December 4, 2009.

Photo Credits: Nadeem Akhtar at APP

18 responses to “Why and What? Kiya aur KyouN?”

  1. adeel says:

    In Lahore during mid 90s, we used to attach tube-lights to our antennas to try to get Durdarshan transmission from India! :) I don’t think it ever worked for anyone.

  2. Owais Mughal says:

    @ Razi

    One skit on using utensils for TV antennas that I remember went like this:

    During Oman TV mania people used to try to make their TV antennas higher and higher as well as put aluminum utensils on TV antennas.

    One family was trying to raise the TV antenna’s height and a guy had climbed to the top of the post. He used to keep shouting to his helper below:

    “nazar aaya?” (i.e. is Oman TV transmission visible?)

    The helper would reply

    “nahin abhi nahin”

    To this the guy on antenna post would raise the height of antenna by few more feet and ask again

    “haan bhuee..nazar aaya?”

    The answer from below remained “nahin” (No).

    This repeated several times until the guy on top said to his helper below

    “tum bhi oopar aa jao – mujhay Oman yehan se nazar aa gaya hai”


  3. Owais Mughal says:

    @Faraz. Oman TV in 80s used to show Bollywood movies and cricket matches from Sharjah. I remember watching a Pak-WI match in mid 1980s from Oman TV while PTV didn’t show it.

    That was one reason why people moved their aluminum utensils to TV antennas on the roof :)

  4. Faraz says:

    @Razi: What was so special about transmissions from Muscat? The transmission would be in Arabic and not many in Karachi would understand it.

  5. Rehan says:

    trying to get better ufone signals may be..

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