A 7-star hotel in Islamabad?

Posted on September 1, 2006
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Bilal Zuberi

I just read this in the news. Daily Times has reported the inauguration of The Centaurus, Pakistan’s first seven-star hotel project, in Islamabad.

I am left wondering what are these people thinking? Can Pakistan afford, and sustain, a 7-star hotel? Do we really need one? And what is a 7-star hotel, after all? We can barely maintain a decent 2 or 3 star hotel in our major cities. Are we now competing with Dubai for architectural grandiosity? And whoever came up with the name should probably look for a job in Hollywood…

ISLAMABAD: The Centaurus, Pakistan’s first seven-star hotel project, was inaugurated on Thursday. The $350 million complex is planned to have a 37-storey deluxe hotel, with two 21-storey residential towers, a 25-storey corporate office complex, and a 5-storey shopping mall. The complex will have a parking lot that would accommodate over 2,000 vehicles. The project will be completed in three years… The Pak Gulf Construction Private Limited company (PGCL) and Messrs Atkins engineering company – the constructors of Dubai’s renowned Burj Al Arab – are executing the project. Saudi Arabian Al-Tamimi Group and the Sardar Group of Companies are making the investment….

President General Pervez Musharraf on Thursday said it was “the right time to invest in Pakistan� because of the country’s positive economic policies of de-regulation, liberalisation and privatisation coupled with a liberal foreign exchange regimen. “We have opened all sectors of the economy for investment and the scourge of red-tapism and bureaucratic delays are being done away with,� said the president at the foundation-laying ceremony of The Centaurus.

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71 responses to “A 7-star hotel in Islamabad?”

  1. Ahem – Ahem. Have you ever thought that this is NOT for the common man but strictly designed for the RICH and INFLUENTIAL only. Influential more so as its not his money thats going to be spent but the national exchequer. In this category fall all our MNS’s MPA’s and Federal Minsiters. its more likely going to be dependent on them with. SAD

  2. Saadia Khan says:

    cool! our rich and corrupt politicians need 7 Star Hotel and what about earth quake victims of Pakistan? Its the duty of international NGOs to give them proper shelter and feed their kids?

  3. Jyoti says:

    Perhaps theis 7 star hotel is being built for, if I may use the term, “Lota” people during elections…

  4. builder says:

    There’s no such thing as a seven star hotel. you can’t get more than five stars. this INCLUDES the one in dubai.

  5. Razz says:

    You make it sound like the government is building it for its MNAs et al. It is a direct foreign investment in our country. Whether it makes sense to build a 7-star hotel in a country like Pakistan, which could do with some healthy investment in education and health, is a totally different matter.

  6. Naveed says:

    I am disgusted with the presumption that we are some medieval society in which people are best left to second rate hotels. For busines travellers throughout the world including the third world, chain of 5 and 7 star hotels serves a specific clientele. I am a business traveller unable to find a room at the Serena and Marriot in Islamabad if there is a major event in the city. Ditto for Lahore if Avari and PC is booked; try booking a room before Basant. Karachi before any event at the Expo centre. How about secondary benefits like employment, business events and events of international importance. I guess some people will always be prone to view their country with morbid contempt. For them, they need to visit any major hotel and observe the businesses that are aligned to run a hotel.

  7. Suleman says:

    Actually, I agree with naveed on this, moreover, a 5 star hotel such as this would be a good indicator especially in Islamabad. Normally, hotel investments of such sort are only done in areas which are prone to economic growth, hence the need for nice hotels such as this one. The challenge with hotels of this sort is keep them profitable and maintain occupancy. Apparently, they feel that won’t be a challenge in Islamabad so that is great.

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