Sharam karo – Shame, Shame

Posted on November 22, 2006
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Adil Najam

Yes, we have used the headline Shame, Shame’ before. But last time it was about the antics of Pakistanis in Pakistan. This time it is about Pakistanis abroad.

(By the way, is ‘shame, shame’ a particular and peculiar Pakistani/South Asian expression? Pinglish, perhaps?).

I just saw this news item about the antics of a Pakistani in America that has left me flabbergasted, rather ashamed, and frankly speechless. So, let me just quote the story from Daily Times in full.

FREMONT: A Pakistani man who lied about being nominated for the Nobel Prize to be eligible for residency in the United States was deported, immigration officials said. In his application for a visa reserved for foreigners of extraordinary ability, Shehrezad Faruk Czar, who had been living in Fremont, also lied when he said he held a medical degree and had done outstanding research in applied economics, quantum physics and mathematical sciences, officials said Monday.

Czar, 38, who arrived back in his home country on Saturday, was affiliated with a ‘controversial Pakistani political group linked to several acts of violence,’ the US Department of Homeland Security’s Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement said in a statement. The group Czar is affiliated with is the Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), one of Pakistan’s mainstream political parties representing Urdu-speaking Muslims. Czar had been indicted by a federal grand jury in April, and had pleaded guilty in September to making false statements to win a visa that would allow him to settle permanently in the United States. [MQM denied any link to him or being a violent organization in a US court].

What can I say now. Sharam karo (have some shame)!

A little more digging on Mr. Shehrezad Faruk Czar digs up more about his lies. The San Francisco Chronicle, for example, wrote:

Czar wrote that he held an honorary doctoral degree, had been nominated for the Nobel Prize in economics, and had just been named ambassador emeritus as well as professor emeritus of economics. The institution that had bestowed upon him so many honors, according to Czar? The University of Berkley.

That’s where he flunked out.

First, it’s the University of California at Berkeley, not “Berkley.” Second, the university doesn’t confer such honors, no matter how officious — or long-winded — one may be: one entry said Czar was nominated for the Nobel Prize in recognition of his “outstanding research in applied economics, quantum physics and mathematical sciences.”

I also found on the web the picture above for a Shehrezad Czar, MD, on a Meetup site called I hope it is not of a wrong person but given that the stated city was Fremont and the name and ‘MD’ was written as it was, it seems a fair bet that it is the same gentleman. Interestingly, the same picture is prominently displayed at a tripod site for DR.CZAR-AMERICA’s ‘ARTY’ M.D. The write-up on this one is rather interesting (although I must confess I can’t fully understand what this means):

Nick named “ARTY” by his peers for being a world-class artist with powerful expression in calligraphy, and abstract visualization of western classical music in several mediums, we are introducing Dr.Czar as an accomplished man on the creative arts side. He is one of the world’s top and few ambidextrous calligraphers and painters who can create a perfect image reflection of the most complicated lines of any language in the world. With calligraphy as his passion, he has developed ways of its application never imagined before, this time fashion.

His partner, an unstoppable, emerging fashion designer from Europe puts life into his work through fashion sketches, and ultimately transferring it on fabric. This has created a stir amongst the high-end European fashion world, which is now waiting for the duo’s debut sometimes towards the end of this year.

From world leaders to a common man, Czar develops themes for occasions such as national celebrations, weddings, valentines, birthdays, etc., using this all-powerful calligraphic expression as his forte. He works on calligraphic projects of all sizes. “My work belongs to common people, and they are its true custodians. I want to be sure I give it back to the them”, he remarked while talking with Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores, from where he is launching a distinctive line of hand-made, hand-written invitations and cards for all occasions.

Please contact him directly for project of any size. Proceeds from his work will go to the Cancer Research Center at Stanford, The American Cancer Society, and the Alta Bates Medical Center.

Mr. Czar’s antics insults the intelligence of all of us and is criminal in content and intent. The proof of his stupidity lies in the fact that he thinks that others are stupid and would believe such crazy lies.

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  1. Tamashbeen says:

    Hey, my mistake… turns out the full name of the FRAUD of the DECADE is “Sir Aurangzeb Hafi Naqashbandi”

    hey, Express, Tribune, the News, how did you miss that!

    In one list this fraud is listed as No. 8 in the “40 Most successful Pakistanis.” No. 1, of course, is Qadeer Khan… and right after the fraud Hafi is Dr. Abdus Salam…. should I puke now!!!

    Sharam karo – Shame, Shame Aurangzeb Hafi
    Sharam karo – Shame, Shame The News
    Sharam karo – Shame, Shame Express Tribune

    Watch him on video again… and then puke!

  2. Tamashbeen says:

    Still not impressed by this lying and fraud maulvi (yes, see his photo), just go to his website… called “SIR” Aurangzeb Hafi because he was also “Knighted”… here are some gems from his website:

    ++”Notable philanthropic and patriotic declinations include £ 79 million offers to provide the original manuscripts of Magneto-Sectorial Model.”

    ++Major offers and noteworthy nominations, declined on certain patriotic basis, include lucrative post offers ranging from chief research officer-ship and faculty deanship to chancellorship of reputed institutions including Cambridge University, Oxford University, Edinburgh and Illinois Universities.

    ++ List of his degrees: Ph.D., D.Litt., D.Sc.(H.Causa), D.Ep., M.C.A.S.(Beijing),M.S.Ac.F.,Dr.Ac.(W.H.O.-Syll.), D.Psych., D.Hum.Lett., L.L.D.(Hon.), D.O.Ph., D.Ed., M.D., P.G.Ac.C., M.Phil., D.I.Sc.,

    ++ Turns out that his is a “Professor Emeritus” at The United Nations Univeristy and also got a PHD from there. Except, the UNU does not offer PhDs and has no Emeritus Professors, certainly not by this name!

    ++ Has authored over 335 scientific research papers in different subjects on various topics. Except, not a single one could be accessed under his name at the Stanford University’s library catalog!

    ++ He also got the “Yellow Emperor’s Award” from the Chinese Academy Of Sciences. Except, there is NO such award. (Communist China does not have too many ‘Emperor’ awards of any type!) Since he got one of his PhDs from China, he should have known that!

    Read the whole thing here.

    My favorite was his HOBBY: “Collection of rare and world class precious & semi-precious Gem-stones, reserved to be sold for philanthropic works concerning certain incidents like disasters, earth quakes and floods.”

    Seems to me he is saying, give me gem stones and I will put them to good use…. move over Nigerians!

  3. Tamashbeen says:

    So, both THE NEWS and EXPRESS TV and EXPRESS TRIBUNE were caught in this fraud and highlighted this idiotic story.

    In fact, the same PRWeb had been used just weeks ago to place another story about him that got into The News. And even more fantastic lie: .htm

    Here are the details if you can get this nonsense:
    “An Epic–Breakthrough ‘Tetragonal Theory of Multi-disciplinary Applied Research’ has been launched by an eminent scientist and researcher Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Hafi who has already earned enormous laurels for Pakistan,through his significant undertakings.
    The Tetragonal Theory of research takes into surview and purview the intrinsic as well as extrinsic connotations of descriptive , analytical and transcendental investigative measures in applied research. The theory addresses more appropriately adaptive as well as the oretical multidimensional spectrums in a holistic approach and opens new horizons for inquisitiveness.
    The ground breaking theory covers a vast metaphorical array of domains multiplicity indexing a profound assimilation of applied, analytical, basic, adaptive, causal, longitudinal, sequential, phenomenological, monothetic, exploratory, inferential, and transcendental veneers of research. The impacts of Tetragonal theory of research on applied and theoretical research would institute to be the foundations, on which attainments of future rescuers would construct their innovational novelties.”

    Here is the kicker at the end of the “press release” and the Paksitan media bought THIS:

    “Prof. Hafi’s intellectual and philosophical integrity pragmatic approach command worldwide reverence. He is an emblem-sign of exceptionally remarkable and enormously unusual & rare combinations i.e. an upright incandescent thinker and a luminous orientalistic philosopher,…a dynamic innovatory scientist and an edifying revolutionary philanthropist,….a forward-looking superb inventor and a conscience-pricking moralistic poet,….an immensely straight analytical eye-opener and a tremendously strong vertical phenomenologist,….a free-of-charge physician for complex disabilities of retarded children and a renowned embalmed epidemiologist in devastating catastrophic and post-disastrous situations,….an innovative communal consultant and an inventive practitioner of integrated alternative medicines,….an untiring teacher cum motivator in complexities of affairs, and a mentor of the vanguards as well as the left-behind deprived ones,…………a splendidly super-charged analyst and an assertively conclusive, effervescent and vivacious truth-narrator,….at the same time.”

  4. Tamashbeen says: .htm
    More on the fraud of “Dr. Prof.” Aurangzeb Hafi. Seems his entire career and the announcement, which was also carried by The News. was based on a PR announcement on a website called PRWeb – which is an advertising website where you pay $80 to put any news you want and then that is placed to news aggregators, including Yahoo etc.

    read that news, and the amazing (and fraud) Mr. Hafi becomes even more amazing: “Breaking News: An ‘International Assessment and Ranking Tapestry’, that is based upon a multifold ‘Reckon-surmising Verdict’, by The Decade Merit Scrutinum, under the aegis of The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta, divulges 5 important objects as the significant most objects of the decade, along with 10 persona- entities as the ‘Global Thematic Merit Icons of Decade’, in addition to those 2, who have been avowed to be declared as ‘Persons of the Decade 2001-2010’” … Want more of that nonsense, here it is: “Aurangzeb Hafi’s ‘The Sea of Mirage in Eyes of The Water’ for it unfolds and dialogues logico-rationally the ‘contextualized falsifications’ in a classical argumentative scholastic way and manner that makes the transcendental discussions, the realms reserved for the trajectory of centuries to come.”

  5. Tamashbeen says:

    Seems there is a new version of this guy in Pakistan. And he was all over Pakistani newspapers and TV today. According to Express Tribune headline, “Prof Hafi among Global Thematic Merit Icons of the Decade”. I too was intrigued so I read the story: -global-thematic-merit-icons-of-the-decade/ and then I heard the interview he gave to Express 24/7, which was featured at the front page of the Tribune along with the story as a lead story. Hear the interview… it is sad as well as funny:

    Supposedly, this gentleman has been nominated amongst only 10 to become to top ICON of the world (along with Nelson Mandella). And for this: “Multi-disciplinary research eruditions coupled with philosophical transcendentalism along with an unswerving conviction and solidarity towards the child-disability centered issues, extensively endorsed in Tsunami catastrophic management services.” Don’t get it? Here are the details: “Dr Hafi had earned great honour for Pakistan by developing ‘Magneto-Agricultural Development Model and Sectorial Magnetic Model’ which would have an impact on the fields of agriculture, environmental and medical sciences, space biology, magnetobotanics, magnetohydrodynamics and multidisciplinary sciences.”

    If that does not make sense to you, it is because IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.

    And who do you think is giving him this great honor. Something called “The Decade Merit Scrutinum, endorsed by The Sovereign Military Order Of Malta.” WOW…. except, there is no such thing and while there is a Sovereign Military Order of Malta, it is a religious Catholic order or priests!

    Sharam karo – Shame, Shame

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