Posted on June 1, 2007
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68 responses to “Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib: Andaaz-i-biyaN aur

  1. Hamza says:

    Now we are lost, the town of Prem Nagar.
    I am modifying myself, not a hand or foot.
    Khudiye lost his title, leaped his word, then went on
    The first turban was the first home, who would be Nirvair?
    Bula haha ​​hai hai bhi jahinin, no jahna hai gaire

  2. Hamza says:


    banaa kar faqiiro.n kaa ham bhes ‘Gaalib’
    tamaashaa-e-ahl-e-karam dekhte hai.n

  3. Neha Marshall says:

    There are very few classical poets whose had influence on literature similar to Ghalib. His verse like Mir were rather simple but deep at the same time.

    In India, Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh were first to put Kalam e Ghalib to mainstream, in form of Gulzar’s drama Mirza Ghalib.

    In Pakistan, Ghalib has been sung by many legends, e.g. Yeh Na Thi Humari Kismet by Tina Sani at hamari-qismat-by-mirza-ghalib/