D48436 Karachi…Exposed

Posted on November 13, 2007
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Owais Mughal

Photo Credits of the following masterpiece belong to Fayyaz Ahmed. As we had mentioned in an earlier post that back of a Pakistani Rickshaw is usually a running commentary on Pakistani Society. In this photo I want to point out few details. One is the broken pair of back lights. Other is a pair of feminine eyes looking out of window blinds. Also Note Geo channel ‘s monogram being used as decoration. For our English readership, the text in Urdu means “Don’t be scared. This is my style”

10 responses to “D48436 Karachi…Exposed”

  1. iFaqeer says:

    As a reminder, the following blog is devoted to collecting Rickshaw musings:


  2. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Hassan Abbas,

    thank God it was not written on a truck

    ” Mein Baray hokar Atlaf Hussain Banou’n ga aur
    uskay ba’ad Toyota. “

  3. Farooq says:

    Rickshaws look cute in some ways but are really noisy, they do depict an image of the developing world. Some dau insha’Allah all rickshaws should be replaced by toyota taxis

  4. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Tee Emm,

    @ “Aisa karogay, to koon aiga ”

    Aiaga, Aiaga Aiga, Aanay walla Aiga…..aaa..a…a..a.a
    Sher-Afgan Niazi away-i-away !!!

  5. Sana Tariq says:

    Nice! Richshaws n trucks have such funny msgz behind them. “Dekh magar pyar se” is a very common one. Please also share with me, the secrect ways to burn calories at:

    http://www.chowrangi.com/8-ways-to-burn-calories-w ithout-noticing.html

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