Posted on April 18, 2010
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25 responses to “Grading Our Leaders: Some Surprising Poll Results”

  1. Zainab says:

    Interesting post! You can also check out more blog polls here

  2. Faryaz says:

    I would like to comment as,

    1. Gen Kiyani is respectable, he should be given A atleast!

    2. PPP showed great improvement, see they won in Punjab again with by-elections!

    3. Nawaz is just doing what is good for him, not for nation, what he will do in his government? God knows!

    4. CJ is bias, he has greed of power, interfioring in politics!

    We need revolution!

  3. Saad Qaisar says:

    Interesting scaling mechanism!

  4. abdul hai says:

    I have following observations:

    1. Pakistanis are very demanding in grading. Grade A in USA is 90 to 100%. While first divison in examinations during my studies in Pakistan was 60%. We have to learn to be generous and less critical.

    2. General Kayani getting the best grade among the group reflects the urban elites still do not believe in democracy. They still want to go back to dictatorship. I wish Pakistanis put the army leaders give the same importance as in other democracies such as India, USA, England etc.

    3. Zardari and Gilani increase in grade reflects their recent contribution to democratic institutions.

    4. I think the chief justice is getting too political and power hungry. I believe the judiciary should stick to the administer justice.

  5. Raheela says:

    Very good poll and something that makes one think. I have never like Zardari but sometimes the hatred people have for him for no reason makes me sympathize with him more. Speaking honestly, he has been not bad at all and has done a lot of good things like the constitution change.