Adil Najam The details of exactly what happened here are still sketchy. Except that this terrorist attack on the Emergency Ward of Lahore’s Jinnah Hospital was clearly related to the brutal attack of Ahmadis in Lahore earlier this week. The basic facts of what we do know about this brutal terrorist attack are horrendous enough: […]

Adil Najam The world is abuzz in anguish against Israel’s military action against the ‘Freedom Flotilla’ of aid ships carrying relief goods for embargoed Gaza. Condemnations are pouring in for this military action in international waters. The irony in the tragedy is not lost on the world – in 1947, the ship Exodus 1947 carrying […]

Lahore High Court Lifts Ban on Facebook

Posted on May 30, 2010
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Adil Najam The news is finally in. As expected, the Lahore High Court has lifted the ban it had earlier imposed on the social networking site, Facebook. So, what is the lesson in all of this? Who gained what in this entire episode? And who lost what?