Posted on May 31, 2011
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20 responses to “Grading Our Leaders: Analyzing Our Polls”

  1. Safia Liaqat says:

    Poor performance by the government all around, shame on all of us:

  2. Usman says:

    Ive read the post…. I don’t know, whether i should doubt your poll result or doubt about what ppl think (either who are on ur website or on as a whole)

    I couldn’t understand that how Gillani who never do anything, saying yes and yes to everyone, on whatever side they could be, got D+.

    I couldn’t understand that how CJ’s popularity decreased december 2010 and then increased after it… I couldn’t understand that what steps he took after it that his popularity increased…

    I couldn’t understand that what the hell zardari have done till april 2010 that his popularity was so much at that time!!!!

    I dont even understand what Pakistani media was doing in october 2010 that they were getting so much of bad image…

    I couldn’t understand it either that still Gillani is more popular then NS!!!! How, How, How!!!!

    I couldn’t understand that How Nawaz Sharif and Zardari be at the same grade…!!!! No matter how silent is opposition party or whether they’ve expelled PPP from Punjab govt; or whether they haven’t supported this so called Relieving Budget for the poor people of the country in which duty on imported cars are lifted and put more taxes on agricultural equipments, fertilizers and so many related things etc or not; whether Nawaz is speaking up on genuine country wide issue; whether Nawaz doesn’t go up on personal attacks; whether they never TARGET anyone but saying that solve the issues like this (telling the ways) and we’ll have no problem with u….. BUT u’ve put both of them on the same grade…!!!

    I couldn’t understand all this at all!!!!!!

  3. Shah says:

    I wish you would add Imran Khan in this poll too.

  4. Atif Iqbal says:

    The Country’s only bad luck is its people not Leaders. Leaders come from People. I think Nawaz Sharif is however a better choice among available due to his business approach. None of the country can be strong un till its economy is strong, defence alone is not enough to save the country.

  5. Aqil says:

    I’m inclined to agree that we are hard graders in the sense that if we were asked to list down the things they have to do in order to get good grades from us, many of the things we would demand would not be realistically possible for any leader.

    Yet at the same time we have a lot of tolerance too. We have allowed our army to do what it has been doing for 6 decades and we also keep bringing back the same politicians (remember the chorus of ‘bring BB and NS back’) during the Musharraf period?)