Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan

Posted on February 15, 2008
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Adil Najam

Aitizaz Ahsan, flaws and all, has become the voice of the moment. The voice of a generation. This voice, which has become my voice and, maybe, yours speaks more passionately in the idiom of poetry than in the idiom of prose. It speaks most passionately in this poem – Kal, Aaj and Kal – that reflects his thoughts on current issues after his recent release.

Listen for yourself. And listen again. It is worth pondering upon. Worth thinking about.

Aik muhazzab quom ko, daikho, khod hum nay badnaam kiya hai

Part II here:

There are so many thoughts, so many lines, so many ideas, so many metaphors here that I would love to comment upon. But poetry is better listened than dissected. So listen, friends. And ponder yourself. Share your thoughts. But even if you choose not to, please, do think.

Note: Thanks to the various readers – 6 and counting – who have alerted me to this.

31 responses to “Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan”

  1. dawa-i-dil says:

    beautiful poetry…..

    He is the iron man..who is facing the all hardships…like a man with M Capital !

    unlike those all who run from pakisatan …like AAPNA members and other hawis parast professionals… ….and then start dancing thier fingers on keyboard….like Cyber patriots.!

  2. sidhas2000 says:

    yaar dostoon ye mamooli batain mein es leay kah raha hoon ke ye sabaq hum aur aap apnay bachoon ko nahi sikhatain hain bulke we start the lesson from second level that is respecting the property and emotions of people. “kise ke cheez nahi laitay” ya pooch kar laitay hain”. “apni cheezoon ko share karo” etc. Respect for life is thought as something inborn and therefore it does not come into our lesson plan. Hum aur aap jab bacchey thay to hum ko “charind, parind ki zindagi aur rahm ka sabaq diya jata tha”, “logoon se adab, lihaz, dur guzr ka mamla aur akhlaq ka sabaq diya jata tha”

    Sadly, I am changing the lesson plan for my kids after seeing the propensity of violence among us, I have added another lesson “to love and respect human life”.

    What a change in curriculum!!!

  3. sidhas2000 says:

    beautiful thought. takes us down the memory lane. events and emotions and dreams put together…. would someone creative (that excludes me) put this with music.

    Similar to ‘Yes we can’ vedio.

    It is good to see Atizaz sahib retelling the dreams that all of us hold dear and near to our heart despite obvious difficulties.

    Kaise aam se baat lagti hai. “jaan o maal o aan ka ahtaram ho”, “adl o insaf ho”, “sukh aur chain ho”, “aazadi ho”, “dar o khof se nijaat milay”. Maamoli baatain hain. Aur hum pakistaniyoon ke leay yehi saab se ziyada ahamiyat ki baatain hain.

  4. Saeed Ahmed says:

    Very touching.
    I did not know if Aitezaz Sahib is also this good a poet.

    May Allah Bless him and Pakistan.

    Saeed Ahmed

  5. Daktar says:

    Beautiful words and heartfelt too…. Thanks for putting here.

    I loved the line:

    riyasat ho gi maan kay jaisi,
    har shehri say piyar karey gi
    fouj lagey gi sabb ko achi,
    jab sarhad kay paas rahey gi

    And also:

    Saari duniya par abb ho ga
    saya aik aur aik hi rabb ka
    woh rabb sanjha, woh rabb sacha,
    har mazhab har dharam ka rab hai
    Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Eesai,
    harr insaan paey karam ka rabb hai

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