ATP Mushaira: Aaj bazar mein pa-bajolaaN chalo

Posted on May 14, 2007
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Adil Najam

For at least one more day I want to stick to the unraveling of Pakistan politics that is happening before us.

I have much to say about it. But people have been saying these things already in response to our last many posts on this issue. What can I add. What can I say that will not already be stale by the time you read it. We expect the ongoing conversations (here and here) to continue, but let me find solace in the one place where I always find it. In poetry. Especially in Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poetry.

Here is Faiz – in his own words, in his own voice. The second half has the same poem masterfully sung by Nayarra Noor. Enjoy this rare find of kalam i Faiz, ba zaban i Faiz. But more than that, think about what he is saying and how it relates to what is happening today.

Aaj Bazar Mein — Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Since nearly all members of ATP’s core-team are currently traveling we had a bunch of general posts ready for these next few days while we were stuck on long flights. However, it seems somehow inappropriate to use those posts today. We may well begin doing so tomorrow – not just because we will be on unable to post anything fresh from flights but also because we remain committed to celebrating all the diverse trials and tribulations of being Pakistan … the mundane as well as the profound; the sad as well as the gleeful; the immediate as well as the long-term.

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20 responses to “ATP Mushaira: Aaj bazar mein pa-bajolaaN chalo

  1. Jalal says:


    Chalo Phir Say Muskurain?

  2. Shazia Rubab says:

    Adil Najam,

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while and feeling grateful to know that there are other Pakistanis out there who share my sentiments about Pakistan. I couldn’t help but post today just because I want to say thank you so much for digging out treasures and sharing them with us. This is poetry, composition and voice that tugs at my heart and keeps hope alive for a better future for Pakistan. On Saturday, while watching what was happening in Karachi on television, my mother said something that I have heard her say a number of times before. She said, “Is this what millions died for? Is this what we left our homes for? We were better off in India.â€

  3. Adnan Ahmad says:

    Main ye kis ke naam likhoon jo alamm guzar rahay hain
    Mere shehar jal rahay hain,mere log marr rahay hain

    Koi guncha ho ke gul ho,koi shaakh ho shajar ho
    Wo hawaa-e-gulistaan hai ke sabhi bikhar rahay hain

    Kabhi rehmatain thi nazil issi khita-e-zamee’n par
    Wohi khitta-e-zamee’n hai ke azaab utar rahay hain

    Wohi taairo’n ke jhurmut jo hawa main jhooltay thay
    Wo fizaa ko dekhtay hain to ab aah bhar rahay hain

    Bari aarzoo thi humko naye khaab dekhnay ki
    So ab apni zindagi main naye khaab bhar rahay hain

    KOI aur to Nahi hai pass-e-khanjar aazmaai

    Obaidullah Aleem

  4. Moeen Bhatti says:

    Adil: Its very apprpriate post. Who could have better words than Faiz at this point in time? Its also emotional and has brought tears in my eyes.

  5. Ahmed2 says:

    “Chashm e Num, jaan e shoreeda kafi nahin
    Tohmat e Ishq e posheeda kafi nahin
    Aaj bazaar mein…..”

    “Bol kay lab azad hain teray
    Bol zabaan abtak teri hai
    Bol kay sach zinda hai abtak
    Bol jo kuch kehna hai kahhlay”

    Please, Adil Najam, continue to jog the sleeping conscience.

  6. Pervaiz Munir Alvi says:

    [my mother said something that I have heard her say a number of times before. She said, “Is this what millions died for? Is this what we left our homes for? We were better off in India.”]

    Dear Ms. Shazia Rubab: Your mother’s generation had its own compulsions, expectations and doubts. Tell your mother that you have no other options but to work hard for a better Pakistan. We Pakistanis have come a long way. But we have a way to go yet. Nothing is ever achieved without hard work. Nation building is not an easy task. The better days are ahead of us. Do not give up hope.

    “keep hope alive for a better future for Pakistan”.

  7. Abdullah says:

    Adnan ! Great poem. Well reminded , suitable for current situation.

  8. Shazia Rubab says:

    Mr.Alvi. I agree with you regarding my mother’s views. Your advice is well taken. Thank you.

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