Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan

Posted on February 15, 2008
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Adil Najam

Aitizaz Ahsan, flaws and all, has become the voice of the moment. The voice of a generation. This voice, which has become my voice and, maybe, yours speaks more passionately in the idiom of poetry than in the idiom of prose. It speaks most passionately in this poem – Kal, Aaj and Kal – that reflects his thoughts on current issues after his recent release.

Listen for yourself. And listen again. It is worth pondering upon. Worth thinking about.

Aik muhazzab quom ko, daikho, khod hum nay badnaam kiya hai

Part II here:

There are so many thoughts, so many lines, so many ideas, so many metaphors here that I would love to comment upon. But poetry is better listened than dissected. So listen, friends. And ponder yourself. Share your thoughts. But even if you choose not to, please, do think.

Note: Thanks to the various readers – 6 and counting – who have alerted me to this.

31 responses to “Aitzaz Ahsan bazaban-i Aitzaz Ahsan”

  1. Wonderful poem! I am wondering if anyone has the text or if Ahsan Saahab has released a facsimile of the poem in his handwriting.

    I second the call for the poem to be set to visuals (a la “yes we can”) and would be even cooler if someone would sing it as well!

  2. MQ says:

    Great poetry! We need more people like Aitizaz in politics. People who have a bit of idealism, compassion and humanity along with intellect — and men who don’t have to dye their hair to try to look young.

  3. Anwar says:

    Beautiful idealism. May we all (and him) live long enough to see the fulfillment of dreams within our life time. But life is short and climbing out of the abyss perhaps will take for ever…
    Enjoyed his soaking words. Thanks for posting..

  4. Abdul Ghafoor says:

    I am not going for voting, I don

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