Picture of the Day: Musharraf Salutes Imran Khan!

Posted on November 24, 2008
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I am sure many of ATP readers will be surprised to see this photograph in which former President Musharraf is saluting his most vocal critic Imran Khan.

Before you jump onto conclusions, let me tell you that this photograph is said to be taken during a fund raising event doe the Shaukat Khannum Memorial Hospital sometime in 2000-01. It was the time when Imran Khan’s PTI supported Musharraf and he was a reportedly hot favorite candidate for Prime Ministership.

Do you think the photograph is real? Imran Khan actually mentioned this one in many of his speeches in US recently. Watch the part of his speech after 4 minutes and 50 seconds in a video here. And if it is, what does it tell us about Gen. Musharraf. Or about Imran Khan.

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41 responses to “Picture of the Day: Musharraf Salutes Imran Khan!”

  1. Zecchetti says:

    Must have been taken before Musharraf turned to the dark side.

    Either that or it’s photoshopped.

  2. Qausain Ali says:


    but wait its Mushi … He can do anything to achieve his OBJECTIVES … we all remember his slogan”Musharaf First”… waqt paray to gahday ko bhi baap bana lo

  3. Faiq Shaikh says:

    This picture shows IK could become another Shortcut aziz ,robbed pakistan like everyone did,but he chooses the path to come in power with the support of helpless Pakistanis.

    God Bless you Ik, i knw u can never come to power the path you choose but your efforts should be appreciated.

  4. lidaliqa says:

    So what he saluted Imran Khan ???. They are both great Pakistani leaders, who disagree with one another.
    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing in a civil way.

    There are somethings I dont like about Imran Khan and there are things I dont like about Musharaf.

    I respect them both never the less.

    There is nothing wrong in giving respect to people. It elevates you and not vice versa as thought of in Pakistani culture.

    Kindness is not weakness it is a strength we should all seek.

  5. Aamer says:

    Why he saluted Imran should never be the question, it’s a matter of respect.
    Both of them are/were good leaders in different senses, so they should be respected by others. Of course not everyone will think they are/were good leaders, but that does not mean you cannot respect them.

  6. Not surprising as it coule be the photo before Mush became Prez. Naturally Imran was a hero for the nation and a salaam to him is understandable.

    Unfortunately, politics is such a dirty thing that anybody who plunges in, loses the respect.

  7. wasiq says:

    A touching photograph with 2 of Pakistan’s finest men. If only our elected leaders had 5% of the character of each of these, we’d be in a very different world. Hail to the General and the Great Khan!

  8. Umar says:

    It shows that Imran Khan the politician is far less than the sum of his parts… he may be a suave, erudite, articulate cricket star and philanthropist, but he is not a savvy politician… I recall the time right before the 2002 elections when he would appear on talk shows loudly praising Musharraf, and then, when it became clear that he wasn’t going to be the PM, he threw his lot in with the mullahs and cast his vote for Fazl-ur-Rehman in the PM elections in the National Assembly.

    These days, he is essentially the human face of the Jamaat-e-Islami, helping to soften the JI’s image and leading impressionable young urbanites—- who know nothing of the political dynamics of Pakistan and repeat the trite all-politicians-are-thieves-we-need-new-leadership mantra ad nauseum— astray, and into the arms of the JI, with the kids not even realizing the ride they are being taken for…

    It is good that he has found a home though… no matter how many beatings the Islami Jamiat-e-Tulba dish out to him, he will remain a Jamaatia at heart, his playboy past notwithstanding…

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