Desi Engineering from Khewra

Posted on January 2, 2009
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Owais Mughal

I saw following photo in Raja Islam‘s collection and remained stuck at it. He took this photo in Khewra on October 6, 2008. Looking at it we can safely say that Salt Mines of Khewra are not the only tourist attraction there. But what is this thing? One can run their imagination wild. I would say it is a mixture of indigenous mechanical engineering and art. The front is devoid of any bumper, head lights or number plates. For number plates, we can argue the department of motor vehicle must be debating on how to classify this vehicle. What other details do you observe here?

Photo Credits: Raja Islam

16 responses to “Desi Engineering from Khewra”

  1. faisal says:

    Whatever it is its not going to win any beauty context.

  2. Shayan says:

    Another one of our machines that would fit so well in the Tate Modern or the MoMA. I always thought that a Karachi bus deserves a spot in one of those museums!

  3. ASAD says:

    It could not be very easy to manouver on small roads so I think it will not be used as a public carrier

  4. ASAD says:

    I assume that the front engine is of a tractor. Is that right?

  5. Asma says:

    Ah ha .. how interesting =)

    Err.. love the color of its handle :)

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