Posted on August 8, 2006
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43 responses to “Maula Jatt: Nawa aaya hai, soonia

  1. amali says:

    What’s gone wrong with Punjab of Pakistan. Where have the Jatt’s gone or the sardari?
    I thought being a Jatt was :-
    Dil Wada
    Nihatein da Saath
    Zulum de khilaf
    Rab da maaf
    Where is this talibani stuff coming from?

  2. Anam says:

    I am very much surprised to see an article about ” Maula Jatt” and the praise that came with it. I became a fan of it while living abroad and when requested my relatives back home to send me the movie…ah man many eyebrows were raised of asking ” what is wrong with my taste” …. Well i did get the movie and i am in love with Maula and Nuri alike. The dialogues are just CLASSIC….Going to elite schools Pakistan myself did not stop me for falling in love with something considered out class….I am considered a social out class with my High Class cousins…but i could care less….=)

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