Posted on August 23, 2006
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32 responses to “Railways through Bolan Pass”

  1. Adnan says:

    It is a master piece of engineering.For those who want to visit please contact Frontier Corps Wing located at Mach.Securuty,food and a decent bed can be ensured.

  2. Dear Sir or Madam

    I have an interesting story about the Bolan railway.

    In January 1968 I took a double-decker bus beneath the rail bridge at Dozan with the assistance of the Quetta Tourist Office (Mr Ahmed Nissah Rathore), the railway community and the Quetta Highway department, because the road bridge beneath the railway was too low.

    During the 6 days it took to clear the path we rode on the Inspector´s trolley to Mach, and each day the trains would hoot and wave at us.

    There is a sequel to this story, if you would like it . . . !

    If you view the Albert Tours page of my website – first tab, at the foot of the page is a photo of the bus beneath the bridge.

    I have many more!

    I do hope you can reply,

    Sincerely, Andrew