Posted on October 4, 2006
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14 responses to “A Bagheecha in the city”

  1. Bilal Zuberi says:

    Saadia: Yeah we were in Koln recently and it was beautiful. Food was Ok but the Germans sure know how to enjoy themselves…We stayed by the old city, right by the Kolnerdom.
    Since this post was about bagheechas, I must highly recommend the small town of Markken in Nederlands (just outside Amsterdam). It is an old dutch village which has been preserved with all the bagheechas etc. No gutter bagheechas there, but with the entire city being below sea level, the tiny houses are all built on floating wooden posts. The sea water seems to feed their cute little bagheechas.

  2. Adnan Ahmad says:

    OM, waah. A lot of romance is taken away though when one thinks of rang-e-hina shining with gutter water.. :)

  3. Owais Mughal says:

    I am still positive that there are many ‘gutter bagheecha’s in and around Karachi. The one mentioned by Reductionist may be the first and the largest Gutter Bagheecha.

  4. MQ says:


    Thanks for all that information. I knew vaguely that there was more to Gutter Bagheecha than Bilal’s and Owais’s comments suggested, but didn’t know exactly what. It’s hard to imagine, though, that there was a time “when the deer and the antelope played” in Karachi.