Posted on March 19, 2007
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128 responses to “Bodhi Tree in Islamabad”

  1. William Wright says:

    I lived in Islamabad in 1996-1997, and I have several pictures of a tree that I think is the one described. If anyone wants to see the photos, you may email me:

  2. Tom says:

    Very important and interesting articles. Thanks to the writer.
    Your articles proves the saying of the Buddha that the Buddha nature of awakening state of mind without bias is present with all. Except some needs more time. I pray that the Pakistan people enjoy peace and freedom as before.

  3. Mahesha says:

    Hi folks,
    The article is an eye opener about intolerance of ISLAM preaching people towards other religions. One can understand what is happening to symbols & people of religion other than ISLAM. With the current increasing influence of Madrasas, Moulvis & religious teachers and growing population of Muslims one cant imagine the fate wold in future……..