Posted on June 22, 2007
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39 responses to “Pakistan’s New “Politics by References””

  1. Kruman says:

    If you are looking for the latest before the newspapers come out, try

    These guys and are the first ones to post the latest on the supreme court hearings.

  2. Saad says:

    Thanks a lot Kruman, really appreciate it.

  3. Kruman says:

    ‘SC won’t consider counter-affidavits’\28  \story_28-6-2007_pg1_3

    A major setback for Musharaf as the supreme court refuses to hear counter affidavits filed by DG MI, DG IB and Musharraf’s chief of staff.

    Just reposting in a politically correct manner because my politically incorrect comments above will likely get cut by ATP moderators.

  4. Kruman says: 70627_sc_hearing_fz.shtml

    In the middle of the article there is comment by Justice Ramday that we don’t want to look at the affidavits filed by the 3 generals. Upon hearing this Aitzaz says that if the bench if not going to look at these affidavits he’ll not give arguments against them.

    Earlier in his arguments Aitzaz had asked the bench to discard these affidavits alleging that they contained forgeries and lies.

    Legal experts had been saying from day one that the affidavits filed by the three generals were BS, since they did not contain material relevent to the original reference.