Picture of the Day: No pants, No service in Pakistan

Posted on July 24, 2007
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Owais Mughal

This notice board is from Food Street, Lahore. It reads:

“Entering the ‘Food Street’ wearing shorts is strictly prohibited: Food Street Administration”

Among other things on this notice board, I enjoyed reading the word sakht (strictly). As if the word forbidden didn’t sound serious enough, the administration had to add a prefix strictly forbidden to make sure people undrestand that administration means business here.

Credits: I found the above photo in rooq‘s collection at Flickr.com.

59 responses to “Picture of the Day: No pants, No service in Pakistan”

  1. Rafay Kashmiri says:

    Food Street Lahore,

    Entering Food Street wearing nickers is strictly

    This is absolutely against Human right, why ?? are Lahori
    legs not Tandoori, what about Kashmiri Taang ?? the best
    in the world. Very suspicious warning of Cannibalism !!!
    We protest before Lahori Tahafuz-e- laata’n wa Taanga’n.

  2. Sayed Zeeshan says:

    Families also visit food street, so it makes a lot of sence to ban shorts from public places. It looks ugly anyway.

  3. mazhar butt says:

    ”Revealing clothing, worn by either men or women, is a little disgusting to most Thais. Short shorts, low cut dresses and T-shirts and skimpy bathing suits come into this category. In temples, long trousers or skirts must be worn, and monks should on no account be touched in any way by women. Shoes should always be remove,,,,,,”

    I think we get too casual in how we live and some dress-up occasions – the theater, the orchestra, top-flight restaurants – deserve more respect and effort than a version of clothing we wear to the beach.

    “””Shorts are really not very acceptable in Buenos Aires or Santiago. Rio, yes, because of the beach.

    I go to South America 4 times per year for business. I very seldom see anyone except American tourists in shorts. You are setting yourself up for currency rip off, market rip off, and just rip offs period if you appear in shorts. My South American business colleagues have often commented on the “sloppiness” of American tourists in their shorts and flip flops.

    I personally wear a lightweight blazer (linen or cotton) and usually something like Dockers and a polo shirt or nice, loose cotton blouse.

    Please, do yourself a favor. Lightweight cotton slacks, cotton tops, even capris, will fit in much better than shorts. You don’t want to be taken advantage of.””

  4. Lahori says:

    ATP, is there a way of finding the actual ace of some of the commenters above. This is the silliest discussion I have seen in a long time and a great example of what ‘sophmoric’ means! And all for a light-hearted little picture!

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