Posted on April 7, 2008
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24 responses to “The Media Factor”

  1. Zia Hashmi says:

    Great, Raza. This is really a good meaning piece!. I enjoyed a lot reading it. I agree much of what appears in our media is hardly inspiring. Best way would be to introduce specialized coverage by trained, experienced and techniclly well informed column writers/reporters.

  2. observer says:

    This post is a good read, Raza. Although, I am not sure I agree entirely with your sentiments. Unfortunately, I cannot comment much on the Urdu press and so you may well be right about that. WRT the English press however, my suggestion to you would be: switch to The News. It may have some of what you are saying, but a lot less than Dawn. Dawn oped’s are too painful to read–it’s partially the editors–I have had personal experience with them cutting out half of what I have written such that the article is unrecognizable! The editors there seem to think their job is to make each article look the same stylistically and have a near-obsession with summarizing–even if it means changing facts around! The News, on the other hand, does give space to a lot of different people–and though we do have our share of former ambassadors, they do not dominate. Dawn, I have to say again, is terribly stale–only octogenarian voices–Cowasjee is about the best they can do and even he is only good about a quarter of the time–no more.

    You know what would make an interesting piece–is a review of some of the TV personalities. I am nearly dying to recount my take on Shahid Masood, for instance…

  3. Ahmad R. Shahid says:

    Well who is telling the truth and who is lying depends on which side of the fence are you on. A retired PAF officer was much against Nusrat Javed, when he would write for The News, since he thought he was a sold out. Simple reason: Nusrat Javed didn’t subscribe to the views of the military.

  4. Naeem says:

    Thank God!!

    I thought it was only my own paranoid delusions that I felt the opinion sections were in icreasingly trashy.

    Cutting to the chase:

    Fatima Bhutto; being young & fresh doesnt necesarily make you an instant journalist. And for God’s sakes save us the ‘urdu versions’ translated ( read written ) by your (paid) columnists.

    Mirza Ikhtiar Baig: being stinking rich does not make one an intellectual. But in a world where David Becham and Jordan have ‘authored’ three autiobiographies——ANYTHING is possible. Get a life- name your ghost writer.

    Hussain Haqqani: When on earth will this guy realize he suffers from a grandiosity complex.

    Like somone earlier pointed out one of the exceptionally few people still writing the truth and substance are M. P Bhandara, Sheerin Mazari to name a few.