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Posted on December 1, 2008
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Adil Najam

All Things Pakistan is going Tweets! Those of you who use Twitter and have written to us on this, do please join Pakistaniat at Twitter.

Keeping up with happenings in Pakistan is difficult enough. Keeping up with technology is more difficult. Yet, the miracle is that we have kept afloat despite occasional hiccups (here, here). We do now have a mobile version of Pakistaniat but we are probably behind on all sorts of other technologies. Well, we are finally (and belatedly) joining the world of Twitter and you can find us at

We are still learning the ropes here and at this point will update Twitter each time there is a new post or something else we want to share with our regular readers. (We thought that sending tweets each time there is a comment would be excessive, but let us know if you think otherwise.) Who know, maybe as we learn things we can set up a social network of tweets to mirror our ATP discussions!

I should acknowledge, once again, that I would not even have known of Twitter had it not been for active Dr. Awab Alvi, an active Tweet Maestro. Whatever little I know about the technical side of blogging (and I know very little) I owe to friends I have made while blogging. S.A.J. Shirazi of Light Within, convinced me to move from the original wordpress site to our own domain. Awab Alvi, Teeth Maestro to his blogging freinds, guided me one step at a time through our first re-design, server move, and much much more. B.D. spent much of his summer of 2007 on skype with me as he designed this current version of ATP (what we call ATP 3.0).So many others have helped in so many other ways.

I say this partly because I think it is important to acknowledge one’s debts of gratitude. But also because once again I am stunned by the power of social networks of information exchange. I guess blogging is now, already, an ‘old’ medium … and ‘Tweeting’ may not remain a new medium for too long either.

P.S. You will also note that you can now sent a ‘Tweet’ about any post on ATP. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Send Twitter’ link, which appears right underneath the headline of the post.

9 responses to “Pakistaniat goes Twitter”

  1. Pakistaniat Fan says:

    Nice. All Pakistaniat everywhere :-)

  2. u r heading excelently,wish u all success.Always pray for our beloved country.

  3. Yahya says:

    Keeping up with these technologies is impossible.

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