Posted on December 7, 2008
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18 responses to “Cows With Dignity: Revenge of the Bhains

  1. samir sardana says:

    And then there are these Hindoos who drink cow piss

    If u take a step into the cesspool of Hindooism- then u gottta go all the way!

    From Yoga to drinking Cow Piiss to eating Cow dung – as per the Mahabharata !

    (Paushya Parva)

    And that man addressed Utanka and said, ‘Eat thou of the dung of this bull.’ Utanka, however, was unwilling to comply. The man said again, ‘O Utanka, eat of it without scrutiny. Thy master ate of it before.’ And Utanka signified his assent and ate of the dung and drank of the urine of that bull, and rose respectfully, and washing his hands and mouth went to where King Paushya was.


    One should never feel any repugnance for the urine and the dung of the cow.
    One should always bathe, using cow-dung at the time. One should sit on dried cowdung.
    One should never cast one’s urine and excreta and other secretions on cowdung.

  2. Vishank says:

    This is seem to be pethatic that all are seems to like deaf and dumb they dont have the edicate how to interact with animals even all Bloody Pakistani dont know how to live among human beings

    This is really a shameful activity which is to carryforwarded by Govt. Of Pakistan

  3. Animal Lover says:

    Shame on those who call it a Command of Allah.
    Torturing innocent faultless animals for own selfishness-sure they’d go to hell.
    There was a news report from india that even despite ban there, muslims are rampantly killing cows, and this is leading to a remarkable fall in milk output there. That’s why synthetic milk made from urea and detergent etc., and synthetic khoya is being sold in huge quantities to fill the demand-supply gap.
    Its envitable if cows and buffalos are killed unthoughtfully.

    Duniya mein Khuda ka khauf shayad ab nahin raha.