ATP Quiz: What Is This?..and Answer is Revealed

Posted on July 4, 2009
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Owais Mughal

Let me confess I did not know what this was until I saw this picture. Do you know what it is? What is it used for? Where it comes from? Do tell us more about this is you do know? Or, make a guess?

Answer on next page below

Most of our readers had guessed the answer right. Infact I got to learn much more about this fruit from the comments than my own source of information. Here is the answer that I researched. This fruit is called ‘Dodi’ in Sindhi. It is a seasonal fruit grown in shallow waters. I don’t know the Urdu name. But through your informative comments we all did get to learn many other names of this fruit.

The photo above shows a person selling ‘Dodi’ in Larkana on June 20, 2009.

36 responses to “ATP Quiz: What Is This?..and Answer is Revealed”

  1. sanjay kumar says:

    @priya fufal:: you can buy fresh fruit only in sindh and also in china… dried lotus(pabora) seeds can be purchased globally

  2. sanjay kumar says:

    Lotus fruit and lotus seeds…

  3. Priya fufal says:

    From where we can buy this. Any website!!!!Plz suggest

  4. Mustafa Shabbir says:

    I was browing around for this fruit and on google search found some people have already started on the journey to unravel the roots of this delicious fruit.

    Thanks for the English name, I did not know it. However, nobody seems to have realized that Pabora is the only name of this fruit in Gujrati.

    Also nobody seems to have realized that the seeds when dried and baked are sold in our dry fruit markets as “Kamli” …. exactly.

    However, did not know the usage of the bulb and it would be a pleasure trying it out in salona / curry in interior Sindhi dishes, however, what is really interesting is to see the fruit when it is under water. Does anybody have a picture of it !

    Now that would be a sight to reckon with !

  5. Owais Mughal says:

    Vijay. you may be right. Somehow the news caption that I saw with this photo called this fruit ‘Dodi’ and that is how I called it ‘Dodi’ but I didn’t get chance to confirm the news from any other source. So it is possible that this fruit is called ‘pabora’ and not ‘dodi’.

    Can somebody else confirm?

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