Posted on November 24, 2009
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34 responses to “Full Text of Balochistan ‘Package’: Is it Enough?”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I am currently student of B.S Mass Communication in Urdu university. I am really interested to go for higher education in abroad but unfortunately i cant afford. if there is any foreign scholarship for us kindly consult me,also we are Pakistani and i love my Pakistan..
    Thankyou Shaoib Ahmed Baloch Turbat.

  2. we balochistani’s donot wants balochistan package.. we only wants freedom.. balochistan zindabad

  3. hafiz baloch turbati says:

    Baloch are fighting for there mother land and this package is to divert there cause of freedom for some posts and such a package is not acceptable for baloch. if the govt wants to solve the baloch problem than the govt most know what the baloch wants.

  4. A.Qayyum M.Hassani says:

    yes this is a positive step but it is not a solution of the problem.this package is not enough for the greivences of the baloch poeple .Govt must negotiate to the baloch leaders .after anouncement of this package there are many baluch students are still missing.